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  1. i've been juicing 1 whole celery for almost 3 weeks now and am practically clear. i was 100% clear 3 days ago but decided to do a little eating experiment. ive been eating burgers and fries. chocolate. chips. pizzas.drinking heaps of coffee for 3 days. only 2 eruptions on the face which are tiny, and can feel a couple on the back of my neck but thats it. before i would be breaking out with these pustules all over my face within hours of eating this shit. even when eating clean i would wake up to
  2. i wash my face with BP before going into the shower. i wear aviators to make sure non of it gets close to my eyes but im only reacting around my eyes nowhere else. my manager asked me if i was sick today. i legit look ill. i should never have started with the BP cream. that was a huge mistake. i shouldve just started with the wash ffs. also when i wash my scalp with it i dont apply it to my head facing downward like you normally would washing the head. im bending kinda backward while scrubbing
  3. your skin is looking like porcelain man congrats
  4. BP works my skin is clearing i only have active 1 pimple on my hairline which I feel is coming to a head. Rest of my acne has dried up. Been washing my hair/scalp with it morning/night but underneath and corners of my eyes are constantly red and above eye area is a little swollen. It's weird cuz no BP touches my eye area yet that's the only place we here I'm reacting Also The skin underneath my eyes seems to have wrinkled up. Only using the 5% wash. I can't tolerate the cream at a
  5. hope youre well mate please update when you get a chance
  6. so apparently swelling and redness around and underneath eyes are signs youre allergic to BP...
  7. just curious do any of you guys have abdominal fat that you cant get rid of ? also seems like all of us are male...any females with this shit?
  8. why would you ask him about sulfur when he cured himself without sulfur????? what % chlorhexdine do you recommend for the nostrils/face
  9. yeah theres always an itch before it comes to a head. not for the really small ones, unless they come in clusters (ugh) but the bigger ones definitely.. definitely keep us posted on the nizoral. im going to give the benzoyl peroxide regimen a solid couple months before i move on to something new.
  10. guys also wanted to add that I have been on multiple courses of antibiotics to clear this including amox, doxy and mino. the acne responded immediately and totally cleared me but it came back every single time. and when it came back it was always worse, then took a couple weeks to calm down to moderate level as before. i have been on an oral antifungal couple years ago. cant remember the name but it did absolutely nothing.
  11. you mean that white'ish area? nah never had that. All the soaps did was make me constantly flake, and because I could never find a moisturiser that didnt break me out more (still cant) I said fuck it. The only thing that i use to 'moisturise' is petroleum jelly/vaseline. despite the fact that im constantly breaking out my face is dry and flakey. interesting that you broke out again. your progress for just a few days was insane. do you think its diet/lifestyle related or nah? We have identical
  12. i tried both sulfur soap and a combination of sulfur and salicylic acid soap for 3 weeks. didnt see any results except irritation so stopped. im trialing benzoyl peroxide wash and the 10% gel now (Benzac) i woke up with noticable redness underneath eyes this morning no sure if im allergic to it ffs...i think i got it too close to the eye area
  13. Seems I've finally found people with the type of acne I have.thought i was the only one. Its been a long time. 5 Years now. It started after a course of antibiotics for me after dental surgery, and has gotten progressively worse over the years. Im in my mid 20's. Never had acne growing up. I recently got a blood test done which showed everything to be normal except for high cholesterol and my triglycerides were super high. I also have some digestive issues, anyone else? I'll upload pics soon