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  1. Thanx for the input rain202003 and Wbaf , i've been away from the boards for a little while...
  2. Hello all, Just wondering what people are using for sunblock? I am having trouble finding a good product to use which is internationally recognised. I am currently using cetaphil moisturiser everyday, should i just get the 1 with spf added?. The right sunblock should cause no irritation and be suitable for sensitive skin, please post your suggestions and feedback...
  3. Thanks AndoZ. Which regimen are you currently doing?
  4. Hey Jenstar! Just thought i'd drop by and say hello. Well done with your progress so far, sounds like you are doing well with your battle. I'm sure 1 day in the future you will find your cure. Keep positive and Goodluck..
  5. I agree. I use it also and its only "greasy" when I use too much. I love it otherwise though!
  6. Hello all, Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on cetaphil moisturizer lotion? I find it rather greasy, and i have read some people posting it causes breakouts! I have combination skin and am looking for a good moisturiser. Any 1 Know of/use a good product i can try?
  7. Yeah this Is good, im taking notes Today, Breakfast: Tuna and sardines with apple cider vinegar, mixed lettuce with Rock melon, and 2 gluten free pancakes with a little butter and raw honey. Lunch: Two lamb chops,potatos,pumpkin and carrots. Snack: Bannana Dinner: Big pork chop, cauliflower,Broccoli,mixed lettuce and spinach.
  8. "People who get acne from eating fructose are typically going to be mixed types or protein types. They are simply eating too much sugar for their metabolism and it is getting out of balance." "If you get hungry between meals, I recommend working on the quality and quantity of your sleep and also if you are a protein type, eating more medium-high purine meat and fat at each meal. Both of these should curb your appetite dramatically and help keep your metabolism in balance." Wow! what a great