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  1. Panama

    Differin .1% week 5

    Hmm.. u think so? Well anyway I'm gonna use it no matter what until I see real improvements. Where can I get it? Walgreens?
  2. Panama

    Differin .1% week 5

    Ok, my skin is still dry especially around my mouth.. Apparently that moisturizer is not working that well for me so I ordered Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture, SPF-15 at Amazon.
  3. Panama

    Differin .1% week 5

    progress pics week 1 (the yellow thing is a gum ) week 4 As u can see it's worse and my face is red like hell..
  4. Panama

    Differin .1% week 5

    Hi there, I'm back. I'm trying differin 0.1% this time. I didn't know I could use moisturizer with it so.. I'm adding it tonight. What I do: Morning: Neutrogina Oil Free Acne Wash Neutrogina Summer Glow Moisturizer, SPF 15 Night: Differin 0.1% Neutrogina Summer Glow Moisturizer, SPF 15 Not sure about the moisturizer though but that's all I have for now. I hope it will help me..
  5. Panama


    Well, the only moisturizer I have is neutrogena summer glow which makes it worse with the color. I wanna try cetaphil. I didn't know u can use moisturizer after differin.. Thanx!
  6. Panama


    I'm on week 4 using differin 0.1% and my skin looks so bad! All flaky and dry. And I have red spots from shedded skin also. I look worse than it was before I started. I wanted to quit (I didn't use it for 2 days now) cos I got so pissed off. That's why I'm here looking for an answer. The cream info says it suppose to get worse before it gets better and I've read some posts here saying to be patient and not to give up so I'm gonna start using it again. My skin looks bad now anyway so what's the d
  7. Panama

    Vitamin B5 Information

    I got that B5 and I never tried it. My boyfriend's sister (she is a pharmacist) told me it is not good. Don't remember the exact reason, it was so long time ago.. I'm on yaz now and I think it clearing up a little.. I've been on yaz for 6 months now. Planning to go to a different derm cos mine sucks!!!
  8. Panama

    Vitamin B5 Information

    Ok, I finally got my skinB5 powder! In the instructions it says it is required to take 15g a day to see optimal results. I've never seen any info on 15g on the forum, it is always 10g/ day. Is powder different than pills??
  9. Panama

    Panama SkinB5 log

    Ok, I finally got my SkinB5 pwder today. I'm gonna start with 5 g daily and then increase to 10 g intake. I'm excited! Hope it will help my body acne
  10. Panama

    Wow Mascara choices??

    I got Maxfactor 2000 calorie but it is still in the mail.. Can't wait! BTW loose powder method helped with smudging! Now I need smth for eye-shadows
  11. Panama

    Is B-complex 100mg too much?

    I'm taking B-100 Complex - still alive
  12. Panama

    Tummy acne??

    ok, bad news... This treatment didn't do anything for my acne I got some kind of rash on my upper arm and on my my hands.. It looks like I they were frostbitten, very dry and sensitive to hot water.. I don't know what should I use for my body now.. Of course I stopped using H&S and zpr.. Should I go for Glycolic acid then???
  13. Panama

    4 Months!

    Cute! Congrats!!!
  14. Panama

    Wow Mascara choices??

    I'm gonna try the powder tomorrow! With Maybeline XXL. I've heard about Diorshow and Benefit but I've never seen them I should go shopping!
  15. I've used Clindamycin Phosphate 1%, roll on. I didn't have anything u described, it just didn't help me at all. I hated how it smells like medicine though