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  1. accutanejourney1

    Accutane and Irregular periods help?

    I am on birth control as well, it is my first week and my period was three days late and heavier than its ever been. I have always been able to wear a panty liner even on my second or third day. But today I bled through a super tampon in 2 hours which I have never done before not even over the course of 6 hours. I would call and ask your dermatologist because it does not seem that it is one of the listed side effects! Let me know.
  2. Hi everyone, I am just finishing up my first week of Accutane and I am noticing many improvements. I know many people say you cannot notice any changes until usually a month in but mine are substantial. As you can notice all of my acne has completely stopped forming and my old pimples/scars are now healing. Current Accutane Skin Care Routine I have been using argan oil and cer-ve as a moisturizer for my face, Aquaphor for my lips, and Cetaphil as my cleanser. So far I have noticed my skin is a little drier than normal, but with my intensive moisturizing routine, I have not noticed any peeling. I apply the argan oil first then add a layer of cer-ve on top to lock in the moisture morning and night. I wash my face once a day at night before I get in the shower. I apply Aquaphor at least once every hour to combat the imminent lip dryness. This has kept my skin moisturized and healing the scars very quickly. I also drink 4 bottles of water every day which helps keep your skin moisturized as well as combat some side effects such as headaches and muscle cramps. Side Effects The only side effect I have noticed is 2 days after I started taking the medicine I had pretty intense muscle cramps in the upper part of my leg. I had not had any physical activity the day before just a normal day at work, so I'm almost positive that was caused by the Accutane starting to affect my body. I also had a mild headache my 2nd and 3rd day but drinking a lot of water helped that subside. Since then my side effects have passed and I pray they stay away.
  3. accutanejourney1

    Suddenly developed acne

    I hope it clears soon! Acne is so frustrating! The same thing happened to me and it never stopped. I don't mean to scare you because everyone is different. Have you been in the sun a lot recently? When sunburned your skin can become dry which leads to overproduction of sebum which can cause acne. Sunscreen can definitely cause a breakout so try using a Neutrogena sunscreen meant for the face. In the meantime be careful not to try and get rid of the acne by using a bunch of new products or washing your face a lot, this can cause overdrying and cause the skin to break out more! In the meantime try washing your face twice a day (morning and night) with a mild cleanser like Cetaphil, and moisturizing to prevent dryness with a lotion that's hypoallergenic or an antibacterial oil such as argan! Hope this helps.
  4. Hi everyone, When deciding on Accutane I didn't realize how vigorous and demanding going on the drug was. If you've been struggling with persistent acne like a lot of us out there, Accutane seems like the holy grail of acne medicine. Many dermatologists recommend that people who are interested in going on Accutane need to explore other options (if they haven't already) such as doxycycline or azithromycin to fight acne. These are antibiotics that target the acne-causing bacteria from within the skin. Many dermatologists also prescribe a topical retinea cream to dry out the acne. I've learned from experience that these medicines seem to work at first but in the end, don't seem to be very effective (at least for me). Then if the patient is still not happy with their skin, they can talk to their dermatologist about going on Accutane. This is what I did, and my doctor was hesitant and wanted me to try another type of antibiotic before going on Accutane. I explained my constant confidence issues with my skin and just the havoc it brings to my life, and she finally agreed that Accutane would be the right choice for me. Soon after she explained the various side effects such as depression, weight loss, severe skin drying, cracking lips, gastrointestinal issues, and many more. The main things doctors talk about when going on Accutane is pregnancy prevention. In order to go on Accutane, you must be on two separate types of birth control such as hormonal birth control and condoms. This is very important because if you do become pregnant while on Accutane the baby will have very serious birth defects. You get a very large packet when you leave with all the side effects and how to prevent pregnancy. In order to qualify for Accutane, you must pass two pregnancy tests and get bloodwork done before starting your course. From then on you must go every month for blood work and a pregnancy test, and you must fill out an online questionnaire before being able to get your prescription filled. Accutane is a serious medicine and your doctor must take the proper steps to keep you safe while you are on the drug. In the end, its worth it if you want to finally clear your skin!