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  1. It's quite mild but take antibiotics and topical creams first.
  2. Michelle waldron

    hormonal cystic acne sufferer - new to acne.org :)

    Hi I'm on an antibiotic called tripmethoprin and I'd recommend it
  3. Michelle waldron

    Stubborn Closed Comedones :(

    It's mild acne I'd say u need Antibiotics
  4. Michelle waldron

    Polycystic Ovaries, Acne and Dinette

    Go on tripmethoprin it's alot better I was on dianette and no luck
  5. Michelle waldron

    Retin a making acne worse after 4 months

    Sounds like the tablets r not working for u, I'm on a tablet called tripmethoprin it's much better.
  6. It's very light acne cud be something to do with ur hair follices around your beard getting trapped, look that up on Google as shaving can cause this problem.
  7. Michelle waldron

    Can you help me identify scars?

    Just make sure and stop the spots growing first x
  8. Michelle waldron

    Can you help me identify scars?

    Are u sure they are not black heads? , ya microneedling, dermabrasion, am sure the options are all on google , what I will say if your getting some acne now wait until it's all clear as they cant perform these treatments while u have acne.
  9. Michelle waldron

    Confused..should I try accutane?

    Go on Roacctane as a last resort as I heard it can cause depression your also not aloud to get pregnant or drink alcohol. I'm on trimethroprim antibiotics. It takes a while to see results about 8 weeks u won't see results straight away. Like u I tryed alot like spriloactone, Azealic acid, minocycline dianette erythromycin benzyol peroxide clindamycin, tetralycline.
  10. Michelle waldron


    Good for u, I'm on trimethroprim and it's finally starting to work to x
  11. Michelle waldron

    Cystic Acne while Trying to Conceive

    I'm sorry to hear this yes I'm on trimethroprim antibiotics and I recommend u try it, I think it's safe while trying to get pregnant but please make sure from Michelle.ive had acne for fourteen years x
  12. Michelle waldron

    Worse Acne & Candida After Minocycline

    Hi I didn't read your entry as it was a bit too long Are you acne free now?
  13. Michelle waldron

    Acne help & advice please

    Thanks silavana
  14. That's great news unfortunately everyone is different and minocycline and spriloactone didn't work with me and I had the very bad side effects of the peeing x so I went on trimethroprim antibiotics and my skin is clear now have a few scars but no acne thank God thanks for your story. Good luck.