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  1. Acne doesn't cause you to look younger. Your facial structure does. Get pumping iron and that will change ;p People think I'm 25 when I'm 20, and I have acne ;p
  2. I have moderate scarring. My scarring is all over my cheeks, but it's superficial. I have about half a dozen visible non-superficial scars. In the right lighting, you can see the roughness of pretty much my entire face. None of my skin is smooth. And I have about a dozen more non-superficial scars, particularly on my temples, but much of them are covered with my hair. What I will say is this: acne scarring does not make me unattractive. I have girls flocking left and right to get with me.
  3. The girls I'm into love tattooes. And they're a lot more fun than cheerleaders.
  4. After I applied TCA, most of my scars got deeper. Sorry, but it's true. It's been about 4 months, and they are still healing up.
  5. I could swear to God that benzoyl peroxide screws with the healing process. Before I used benzoyl peroxide, most of my acne healed up just fine. Some scarring true, but for the most part, my skin looked okay. Now that I use BP, most of my lesions are healing VERY slow, and the ones that have healed are somewhat scarred worse than they used to. Somedays, my healing scars look almost invisible. The next day, they look red and pitted. I think that it's because the BP is interfering with the h
  6. You can use them both together if you can tolerate it. Dan's regimen recommends against it, because a lot of people can't tolerate it.
  7. Yeah after this last peel, I got two zits. I've been clear for over a month, so I am pretty sure it was the peel that did it.
  8. Acne is ugly, period. There is no eye of the beholder here. There is no relativism. There is no culture that views acne as attractive. Acne isn't about values as homosexuality, women's rights, etc. are. Acne is a visible and undeniable biological dysfunction. In any culture that values "larger" women, there generally is a biological function that being somewhat obese serves, so as to promote survival. Eskimos are a good example of this. There is some cultural relativism involved in the j
  9. Wait until your acne is gone and let your skin heal. In all likelihood, you will have no perceptible scarring whatsoever.
  10. If some 90% of teenagers get it at some point in some form, then obviously it doesn't mean something is wrong with you...in fact, wouldn't it be saying there's something right? Acne doesn't harm anything, so why would it matter if it's passed on to offspring? What if there was a culture that found acne pretty? ( ) That'd be funny
  11. Acne is an infection on your face. It is a dysfunction of your biological systems. It makes you unattractive because there's something wrong with you. As such, it would be less desirable to pass on genetics with you.