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  1. is he in the starting lineup i never seen him?
  2. hi, how are you doing? w/b

  3. I'm a male i would like to know this too, anybody?
  4. with a towel like nba players do it
  5. Hola, how you doing?

  6. hey hey how you doing? w/b

  7. Hola , Hi chiqa esta bien bonita.

  8. Does anyone know if Walmart has/sell Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash? Anybody know?
  9. Where can I buy Alpha Hydrox AHA lotion and the DKR? Thank you I'm going to try it. Right now I'm just washing my face with water.
  10. Hello, What did you guys recommend for my face/acne? Help me out please. http://www.imageno.com/yzlzpsu0glphpic.html