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  1. Don't worry about it gramps... Maybe you should try to make your lover Rezz77 feel better since he clearly had some sort of meltdown
  2. I don't need anything for my skin. I'm perfectly happy the way I am because I have more important things to worry about. Maybe you should go to bed so you can get to the early bird special tomorrow.
  3. you took me to school... lol.. whatever you need to tell yourself. I'm a grad student in oncology while you are a nurse who probably went to community college. Maybe you should try being nicer so when your heart goes out in 2 years god can put you in heaven
  4. Whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep at night Just don't get to worked up I wouldn't want your blood pressure too high. Also try to not slip in he shower lol. Since you're so young looking why don't you post a picture so we can all awe in your "perfect face"? Are you too scared? If you're so young looking why did you talk so much about your wrinkles. It doesn't take a crystal ball to realize someone who spends all his time attacking people online is seriously unhappy, and he has dr
  5. You cussed out almost everyone who posts here for no reason. Whether it's me, golf panther, or Tano. You post on here more often than anyone. You've talked about how you wasted your life waiting for a cure. I'm going to go out on a limb and say scarring bugs you whether or not you want to admit it. I hope you and Rezz have fun sulking in your bitterness. Maybe you guys can move into the same nursing home and knit sweaters together or something. You guys can even go get filler and botox to
  6. Since you're so happy why don't you stop coming here? You are clearly a very unhappy person . Unlike you I don't base my self worth on my skin. Maybe you and Rezz deep down are just jealous that younger people have access to things you didn't and medicine will only improve for us. If thet's the case I'm very sorry and I wish medicine advanced faster. But there's no point in crying over spilt milk. The American military just invested millions of dollars into scarless healing. You can
  7. Um No, he actually admitted he was wrong and said he's making a private forum because he was sick of how rude people like Rezz were to him. He actually said in his last posts he hopes polarity fails for lying so he definitely was not a shill. But keep blaming your problems on people posting on an online forum I'm sure that will get you far in life and give you the perfect skin you want
  8. Well I disagree. I think compared to Rezz Tano was very polite and put effort into his posts for Rezz to post laughing emojis and call him delusional. We didn't know much at that point and Tano was trying to be optimistic. Is saying that scarless healing will come in 5-10 years optimistic? Yes, I think it is looking at the glass half full. It definitely is a possibility though. But does being optimistic hurt anyone? Even if we are being delusional like Nikkigirl and Rezz say, who are we hu
  9. I didn't attack anyone. I asked him a very reasonable question on why a man who is well into his adulthood feels the need to constantly attack people online. Have you seen his posts? He's bullied so many people to the point that they don't post here anymore. Tano1 had some of the most informative posts on this board but he no longer posts because of Rez's constant insults and attacks. If reading about hypothetical scarless healing makes him so upset he should do the mature thing for someone
  10. I don't understand all the negativity. No one is forcing any of you to come here at gunpoint. If you don't believe in scarless healing or like reading about future technology stop coming here. All I said was we should wait until the trials finish until we jump to conclusions, and I said the same thing about Skinte. To me that pictures looks significantly better. The jowl area is difficult to fix because its the most heavily affected by gravity, fat loss, and movement. Serious questio
  11. It is still in clinical trials and we will find out more in January. I have had actual excisions (with good results) before and they do not touch the fat layer. In general it is very difficult to remove or damage the fat layer physically because it is much harder than the skin. That is why most damage to the fat layer comes from thermal damage in lasers. Aging causes fat cells to die which is why we appear older usually. This company is essentially trying to create a more accurate fraxel
  12. Microcoring has already had a full clinical trial in humans for wrinkles and was found to heal scar free and remove up to 5-7% of the total facial skin without scars. The size of the needle is incomparable to an excision biopsy, as it it 22 gauge. For reference a botox needle is often 30 gauge and a filler needle is 27 gauge. Currently it is in trials for acne scars which will end January of next year however they found in wrinkles it is completely safe and heals with no scarring. This is be
  13. Great results thanks for sharing. Would you mind posting who your doctor was? I absolutely agree that excision is probably one of the best acne scar treatments we have right now. Unfortunately, Drs and people on this forum love to spread the message that you need multiple treatments over several years to get 20% improvement. Obviously a doctor would make far less money if they only charged a person a few hundred dollars to stitch up some scars as opposed to them coming back every three m
  14. Just thought that this would make some people feel better about their scarring. Even supermodels have it. Also notice how her skin improved a lot over the years from consistent treatment.
  15. I think lasers can work but there needs to be someone skilled at using it. Someone who uses the correct setting and someone who hits the scars at a variety of angles as well. At the end of the day though most acne scar studies are bogus because they are based on visuals and people often have swelling and pictures that are used in the studies and shown to other derms can be easily manipulated with lighting and shadows. Fillers and subcision often give the best result and BA is correct about th