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  1. Help someone please
  2. Not really, will if I touch it with my nail, and its brown. Its like a brown dot lol
  3. Its not a whitehead or blackhead, its been under my skin for over 3 weeks!! It feels like a little bump, its not very noticable and not very big but its annoying to have a little fuking bump that seems will never go away.
  4. yup, you are better off than 90% of the people on this acne forum if you had the balls to ask her out. me, i wouldnt dare ask any girl out with the current state of my skin. why? because my esteem is so shot. at least you are strong enough to try to live a normal life with your acne while the rest of use are letting it control us. good job on that. and on the rejection, hey it happens to the best of us. it could have been anything, not your acne, a lot of times girls arent looking into serious r
  5. sorry, i dont see any pics
  6. yea that guy knows nothing what he is talking about, sa + vinegar = death to red marks
  7. i think i have spent more, but i use krogers pore cleanser its 2% sa and i get it at frys for $3
  8. I wash then leave it on then it gets absorbed into my skin has anyone else tryed doing this? Salicylic Acid lightens up the skin so im hoping this will speed up the process
  9. use salicylic acid to unclog ur pores, it will also lighten up those red marks over time, start with 2%
  10. k so vinegar helps with blotchyness?
  11. na, just use vinegar method and theyll be gone in 2 months tops
  12. ajt

    My Regimen

    Day 5: 3 new whiteheads, 2 of my forehead one above my lip that is huge i am dying to pop it i dunno if will or not AHHHH FUK!