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  1. Agree about the search, colours are a bit hard on the eyes but it's not gonna kill me in 30 mins
  2. Ok cause I'm doing this too (started 3 days ago). Of course I don't expect to see results in 3 days but I'm eagerly hoping for the best in some weeks...
  3. How long should it be before you would start to see some results on this diet? 4 weeks?
  4. For a man who loves pancakes that's one low bodyfat. Good show.
  5. Hi all. I had been drinking diluted apple cider vinegar since 2 days ago and at the moment I have a throbbing headache and I feel so tired I can barely move. Now I'm not sure if I have Candida and for the last 7 days I've been on antibiotics to treat a persistent cold/flu/infection or whatever, which I also read is bad for Candida. Today I read in an article that: "Some people report feeling an increase in their candida symptoms after consuming raw apple cider vinegar to help cure candida, and
  6. Delna recommended Apple cider vinegar not any flavoured varieties of vinegar. i would stick as close as possible to the original recipe although I don't like the thought of wasting eggs!
  7. Can I use normal Apple Vinegar instead of Apple Cider Vinegar?
  8. Would this stuff work? The 2 in 1 Classic Clean? http://www.amazon.com/Head-Shoulders-Dandr...c/dp/B000GRB7LI Thanks