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  1. hey @chegueavra, I don't think I have seen too much improvement to be honest, to me it seems pretty much the same as before the treatments, although only had 2 and know it requires more treatments. Not sure what I will do next, im debating getting some restalyne skin boosters and see what they do, thinking I should maybe get those together with another round of sub, but dont know if I will be able to get enough time off for a full recovery. Despite not seeing much results I think Anil himself is
  2. @californiakid I actually had a few months off in between starting my new job, but I think for the future if I do it I will take off two weeks from work, thats how long it took me to fully recover, though I think if you did it on a thurs/friday, and took the following week off, should mostly be recovered in those 9/10 days
  3. Thank you all very much for the suggestions, I will have a read of the peeling guide and have a look on MUAC, Deceim and cult beauty, seems to be a lot of options.
  4. thanks @superburrito I will continue to use the cream I got for a few more weeks and then will look into that. Could anyone also recommend an at home peel I could do? I am looking for something which I can do once a week and doesn't have any downtime, redness for a day or two would be fine. I know there is glycolic or salicyclic, but not sure what would be the most suitable for me, or is there no real difference and it just depends on the strength? Is it safe to just purchase these off amaz
  5. I haven't done anything since my second treatment, currently I am just using pigamanorm cream I got from him to help with the red marks from the tca, and hoping this will help with the other red marks I already have, don't see much improvement but its making my face noticeably red and flaking which isn't fun. In terms of general progress haven't seen much improvement since, currently I don't plan to do anything further at least in the first half of the year as won't be able to get the time
  6. I had my second treatment last week, had sub, prp and dermapen like the first time, wanted to also have tca cross but was too swollen, so I had TCA cross done today. I had almost fully recovered from the procedure last week, a little bit of bruising and yellowness still, and now will have to see how the recovery from the TCA cross goes. I only did the TCA on my temples as I haven't done it before and paranoid about the downtime and red marks so wanted to try the temples first, which is also wher
  7. as I mentioned I do see improvement, but when looking in person I don't think the improvement is that much, I think the angle/lighting is important when it comes to photos and I want to be honest and not mislead people of what I see when I look in the mirror myself, at least that is my personal opinion.
  8. Hello all! apologies for the lack of an update, been busy with interviews and holiday. It has been nearly 10 weeks now since my initial treatment, I think I do see slight improvement, seems like some of the scars are now more shallow, but overall I don't see too much improvement, although this may be due to me over analysing my skin on a daily basis and we see the worst in ourselves! some of the deeper scars don't seem to have any improvement, hopefully these improve with further treatments. The
  9. can definitely see improvement! hopefully with further treatments it continues to improve, good luck!
  10. No i don't think there are any scars from the needles, the only annoying thing I have noticed is there seems to be a little raised bump on the right side which can be a side effect, so hopefully this goes down with time. yes I believe they do lasers there also.
  11. It has been 16 days since my treatment so all the swelling and bruising has gone, not really seeing much improvement when I look in the mirror, hopefully will continue to get better with time and subsequent treatments. have tried to take pictures similar to those I took initially, which is harder than it seems, some pics depending on the angle and lighting seem to make the scars not look as bad as they are (in my opinion and especially on the right side) so I have tried my best to keep it all co
  12. I also follow it too! your 1 week post treatment pics look really good, all the best with the recovery and hope the good results continue! Do let us know how the vitamin C works, are you applying it directly from the capsule?
  13. @andys_01I think on the day would be difficult to as will be very sore, day after should be fine, take a look at my pictures above from the day after the procedure to give you an idea, probably will get a few stares but oh well! the treatment and consultation cost me £375, and said subsequent treatments will be 375, however depending on what I want may be less.
  14. Yesterday was 1 week from my procedure and I took the below pictures. Most of the swelling seems to have gone down and no more dry skin. Seeing the re-emergence of my scars but I think I do see some improvement, whether this will last, or further improve I shall wait and see. I am still yellow around my eyes and temples, The majority of the redness and bruising is due to suctioning, whether I went to strong I am not sure (these were taken in the morning before doing any suctioning). I will sucti
  15. It has been 4 days since my treatment, swelling has gone down so that I no longer look like a chipmunk, still some more to go as I can gradually see the reappearance of some of my scars. Skin is still very dry and flaky, which I am moisturising/sun tan lotion in the hope it does not peel off and just flakes off naturally. Main issue at the moment is the bruising and I am looking VERY yellow around my eyes and temple area, guess this is just part of the healing process for the bruising. Still