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  1. Yeah those people on the Proactive commercials are whack. Well thanks for all the info on Accutane everyone.
  2. Well I'm going to the derm on Tuesday next week so I guess I won't have to deal with Vitamin A if he'll put me on Accutane!
  3. Lol maybe I will eat carrots nonstop!
  4. well I have a derm appointment next tuesday, I'll tell ya guys how it goes!
  5. Hey guys, those of you who have taken Accutane.. what insurance company did you have and how much did you have to pay? I have United Healthcare. Thanks!
  6. Hey, I was wondering.. I read that you shouldn't take Vitamin A suplements while on Accutane because they have the same effect. Can't people just go to a drug store and buy Vitamin A supplements and take everyday to clear their acne?
  7. Thanks so much. Also, how easy will most doctors prescribe Accutane? Have they gotten hesitant of it? Thanks so much. Also, this isn't part of my question, just something I wondered. I was watching a show on E!, lol, about how celebs stay beautiful, and Jessica Simpson said that she was put on Accutane and hasn't had a pimple since. Then, last night, I was watching the Proactive infomercial (didn't ever work for me) and she's says she relies on Proactive or else she breaks out. I don't know, I
  8. wow! How easy was it for your dr to give it to you, and did insurance cover accutane? If not, how much did you have to pay?