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  1. What all is going on right now? A corrupt world that's falling apart? I'm definitely not ok with that. Any guys complaining about your hair the answer is incredibly simple. Shave it all off. You will look far better with it all gone.
  2. My current theory is that accutane causes permanent damage to the body's autonomic nervous system, and if you can restore autonomic balance, you resolve all issues post accutane. The prostate has an intimate relationship with the ans. If the ans is dysfunctional, the prostate will be dysfunctional. And if the prostate is dysfunctional, so will the penis be dysfunctional. Now, we already know that finasteride and saw palmetto are no good for us. I know that flomax does a decent job of
  3. Trying a herbal bph protocol that doesn't include any dht inhibitor herbs. Will post results soon.
  4. I did the mhra accutane survey back in January. Currently my program is below. I can only do 2 per day of each or the detox reaction is too strong. Will keep the board posted on progress, good or bad. Supplements Vitamin c gummies Ancestral beef brain 1x2/day Codeage beef pancreas 1x2/day Ancestral beef intestines 1x2/day Diet Omnivore Organic when possible
  5. Dropped taurine and added kyolic original to the caviar capsules. So far no negatives. Will report more in the next month.
  6. Magnesium just doesn't feel right. Just doing the caviar capsules and taurine for now. Will report good or bad in the coming weeks.
  7. The yellow card system is what I was referring to. I filled out the accutane specific survey earlier this weekend. The yellow card system should NOT be for Brits only. It should be for people all over the world. Some people give up when they come to the yellow card web page that asks them for their british postal info, and can't get beyond that page.
  8. Thank you time for posting the link. Unlike previously, this survey I was able to fill out without the need for a british postal code.
  9. Anna nim, I'm an american who has tried to do the mhra survey, but since I'm in the us, they don't allow me to submit anything. I don't have a valid british postal code. Ive emailed people at the mhra several times and they don't give a shit what I have to say about accutane. You can't have the mentality that recovery is impossible. Every disease on the planet can be licked with the correct combination of foods and supplements. Accutane syndrome can and will be beaten.
  10. For me fish oil has always done far more harm than good. Many naturopaths recommend avoiding veggie oil due to the high isolated pufa content. Fish oil is also high in isolated pufa, which induces oxidative stress. The healthiest oils are high in saturated fat or monounsaturated fat. They are far more stable and less prone to oxidation than pufa rich fat. For years the only tolerable way for me to ingest omega 3 was from whole fish. The ancestral fish eggs from Amazon has completely change
  11. Daily supplements Ancestral fish eggs 3 Doublewood magnesium taurate 8 As needed for heartburn Organic ginger Diet Omnivore Organic when possible Above is the current program. Has definitely improved sleep and mood for sure. Still quite a ways to go physically, though. Will keep the board posted.
  12. Deepacceptance is 100% right about finasteride use. My current lone daily supplement is caviar capsules. Will post results in the coming weeks.
  13. It first felt as though the beef organs were producing a detox reaction, with loose stools, but I had to discontinue. later felt as though they were producing dehydration and kidney stress. Vitamin c gummies produce a noticeable positive mental and physical effect that I do not get with vitamin c pills. It just feels like there is more movement in my gi tract, less stagnation. Can do an entire bottle of vitamin c gummies in one day no problem. Feels like my body's literally starving for it
  14. Actually the answer wasn't there all along. High quality raw beef organs haven't really been available until recent years. Dr Ron's has been around the longest but they have zero marketing exposure. Ancestral supplements came along in 2017 and have had phenomenal success on amazon. Codeage came after ancestral, and then peak performance is the latest company. The key is to not focus on just one organ, but go after 8 or more. And also include proper diet such as what I posted earlier today.
  15. https://youtu.be/j1T5LLfk6L8 Beef intestines are available from Amazon. Trying to go without it due to price, and that I believe the problem can be resolved without it. But it is available. The key is balance. Don't overload on one organ and ignore the rest. Maintain balance, and get plenty of probiotic rich foods.