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  1. Drug companies are greedy criminals, doctors are stupid morons. And so was I for trusting a doctor, although what 15 year old isn't clueless? Kids rely on parents and doctors to protect them, not destroy their life.
  2. A major part of chondroitin is glucuronic acid. Glucose is the precursor to glucuronic acid, so glucosamine acts as a precursor to glucuronic acid due to its glucose component. Vitamin A regulates dopamine storage, release, and metabolism. If your vitamin A levels are off, dopamine will likely be off as well. This latest endeavor of mine is simply based off YouTube naturecrazy guys theory. It may be wrong, I was just throwing out a theory of where he might have gone wrong. One
  3. I'm basing my theory on nature crazy guys theory. I just believe he was wrong about accutane removal methods. A major thing that needs to be understood is there are different forms of retinoic acid. There's 9 cis retinoic acid. There's 13 cis retinoic acid. And there's also trans retinoic acid. Same applies for carotenoids. There's cis beta carotene and there's trans beta carotene. Synthetic beta carotene pills are trans beta carotene. Natural beta carotene pills I believe are cis beta car
  4. A glass of simply smoothie mango with a couple glucosamine chondroitin pills would be another combination to try. The mango smoothie provides the beta carotene needed.
  5. You could try doing glucosamine chondroitin with sweet potatoes or carrot juice, and if you don't experience dopamine loss, great, it's working. But if you experience dopamine loss with beta carotene based vitamin A intake, then you'd need to do the beef liver. Vitamin A prevents amino sugar induced dopamine loss. Accutane causes fatty liver because the liver lacks true vitamin A, and it's damaged from trying to remove accutane all these years. When you give your body the extra glucuronic
  6. Nope. The only thing Cal d glucurate will do for accutane ppl is further wipe out their hormone levels. Our hormones are already low. Cal d glucurate makes the problem worse. If you don't have enough glucuronic acid to attach to accutane you can't remove it. Your joints are a mess because glucuronic acid is a major joint component. Supplement with glucosamine and chondroitin and you supply the glucuronic acid needed to remove accutane and restore your joints. But it needs to be with whole
  7. Perene, your idea of a Keto diet is a good one. Keto can definitely be helpful. I would avoid the b complex, since b complex is likely to create calorie cravings. Id recommend one meal per day and nothing else. Google search the warrior diet and or omad diet. If you're eating significant amounts of beef liver on a regular basis with no negative reaction, you're likely free of accutane. Accutane syndrome produces negative reactions to retinol foods or supplements, because the body is overloa
  8. I'm also listening to my body as far as when and what to eat. Beef, albacore, roasted cashews, whole organic milk, raw Amish cheese, Cole slaw, non GMO popcorn, non GMO whole grain rice crisps, simply smoothies, including mango and orchard berry, are some of the staple foods. If my body doesn't feel like eating anything until after work, then I eat nothing until after work. This is called intermittent fasting, which has profound healing effects. The beet it shot is consumed right before work. Th
  9. I've been nothing more than a researcher and cheerleader for various products lately, hoping each one would be the answer for everyone, but i believe this guy above is absolutely 100% correct about the drug still being trapped in the body. He's simply wrong about how to get rid of it. I'm currently using 3 things. Whole beef liver pills, Gnc glucosamine and chondroitin, and beet it sport shots. Whole beef liver is an excellent source of retinol, which is what accutane pushed out of our body
  10. Both. Oregon's wild and solaray are two brands of high quality organic garlic available in capsules, available at Amazon and other online retailers. I've also added Gnc tyrosine 1000 and Doublewood Citrulline to the mix. Accutane's damage is twofold. To the microbiome, and to the brain. Garlic resets the microbiome by killing the bad and feeding the good. I believe a combo of tyrosine and citrulline can reverse the brain damage. I've always had high serotonin and low dopamine. Tyrosi
  11. Tj, Going gluten free can help, but it's not necessary. Daily organic garlic is necessary to correct your microbiome imbalance. Once the microbiome is rebalanced, gluten is no longer an issue.
  12. Wrong. Simply going gluten free does nothing to kill pathogenic microbes and parasites in the gut. A low carb diet can easily lead to dehydration. Produce is good, but too much produce and not enough saturated fat irritates an already damaged gut. The key is balance. Low carb diet is not balanced. A low sugar diet with adequate complex carbs would be healthier.
  13. Cal, I think you meant to ask if there's something stopping the conversion of beta carotene into retinol, and the answer is yes, and that something is a maligned microbiome. Too many bad guys, not enough good guys. Correct the microbiome with daily garlic capsules and you solve that issue. When you consume retinol from whole beef liver or cod liver oil, it's already retinol. No conversion needed when eating whole beef liver or cod liver oil. Molybdenum is obtained from eating beans a
  14. I was wrong about the astragalus. I believe organic garlic capsules, 3-9 daily, are the key to recovery. Garlic kills all kinds of undesirables in the gut, and it feeds the beneficial bacteria as well. I believe a compete recovery could be made with 3-9 daily garlic capsules in as little as one month, and no longer than 1 year. I'm less than a week into it and so far nothing negative to report. A diet with albacore tuna, breaded shrimp, pinto beans, whole organic milk, raw Amish cheese, roa
  15. The cascade you refer to may possibly be controlled by the microbiome. Will report results in the coming week(s).