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  1. "Arrogance" : exactly. Dr.s can't heard a patient telleing them that they are wrong and their knowledge are not up to date... Concerning the collective group, we could create an association if a sufficient number of people were interested.. An interesting figur attached to the a study I posted in my last post. All factors are there : stress, food and glucose level, microbiota Title : A proposed model of the gut–brain–skin axis in acne. HPA: hypothalamic pituit
  2. Hi all, It's been a long time since my last post. I'm interested by the Fecal Transplant. It seems very promising for some desease. Keep us informed Recently I read articles about gut microbiota and it seems to beTHE key. For example, look at this publication : https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/31284694 . It said that "Acne also has close connections with the gastrointestinal tract, and many argue that the gut microbiota could be involved in the pathogenic process of acne. The e
  3. Finally I bought the book "Liver Rescue" and I'm following the Medical Medium's instagram (and also the hashtag #celeryjuicebenefits) : it's incredible, really. I've read many books and article about leaky gut, gluten, paleo etc. But this book and the testimonials (from people with skin problems, but not only) are really convincing. This book give very logical explanation of our conditions and everyone recognizes himself in the descriptions of patalogies and medical pathway describe by the
  4. Thanks for the book's reference ! It seems very interesting. Many good reviews. So according to you, the book's advices confirm what many of us think (dairy, sugar, glycemic index...) but identifie the root in the liver and not in the gut ? Is it very usefull to buy the book or the tips are as simple as drinking lemon juice and celery ? During my years of fight against folliculitis, I found so much useless books and authors surfing on the "healthy way of life business"...and in this case,
  5. I did two cultures (pustule + nostril) : nothing found... I took Accutane during 6 month : my skin became clear very quickly and during 9month after the treatment it was pretty good (80% clear). It came back progressivly but less strong then before the treatment. I read som articles about paleo diet : Some doctors like Loren Cordain think that many factors (stress, bad diet, alergy, gut dysbiosis etc.) can trigger problems with blood glucose and insulin resistance (which increases the produc
  6. Paradoxically, Accutane has been a great help to me for reducing my folliculitis ...... However I don't know if I have gram negative or postive folliculitis (but I think this is gram positive : when you have it on the scalp, back and nostrile like me, this is often staph aureus..)
  7. True... This studie confirms the interest for Azelaic acid https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1506349
  8. @silverlight22 thanks. I finally succeeded to translate the instructions for use (the product come from Germany, the nearest country that sells BP cleanser without prescription...!) : the gel need to be applied only 1 to 5min an be rinced whereas the cleanser/wash have to be apply on a wet face then you have to scrub and rinse. It seems strange to put BP during 30 without rince it..
  9. @gilang91 astonishing the fact that it reacts so well and so quickly whereas there is only sulfur. A question for those using BP cleanser : how do you use it ? I just receive this product but the texture seems very similar to the gel version.. do you lather the product on your wet face and scalp ? Do you act for a few minutes like frost ?
  10. @jcbdigger365 Congrats for those improvments ! Continue to tell us if your treatment still working at long term. We don't know if Azelaic acid is usefull in the long term and if folliculitis can develop resistance to it.. This article seems enthousiast https://simpleskincarescience.com/azelaic-acid/ ! So to summarize this thread : - We have 3 very usefull products : Sulfur (soap or serum), Benzoyle Peroxyde (in gel and cleanser) and possibly Azelaic acid (cream). - Combination of these prod
  11. If you mixe BP and other topical treatments like essential oil (tea tree, thym, lanvandula etc.) or hibiclens, the resistance and adaptation of S. Aureus can be limited... I hope so !
  12. We all knew or will know the same scenario : trying conventional medecine, visiting a lot of dermatologists, testing all antibiotherapy existing, then, tired by conventional medicine, we try natural treatments and so spending a lot of money in essential oil, miracle ingredients (grapefruit seed extract, soap etc.), alternative medicine (accupuncture, homeopathy etc.), testing many diet (without dairy/sugar/gluten, paleo etc.)... until we notice that (almost) everything is useless. Do not waste
  13. Yes I already spoke about GI on this thread : I suspect it to worse my folliculitis when I eat french fries or pastry for example. But I don't know if it is the root cause. Perhaps glycemia affects the activity of sebaceous glands and therefore exacerbates folliculitis... Furthermore diabetics are prone to folliculitis ..
  14. Yes, Sulfur soap dry to much my face and so my face was very flaky... and it scraped me a lot : unbearable! This is exactly what I think. We need a forum or even a specifically dedicated association. In all countries you find a forum or an association dedicated to psoriasis, Seb Derm or Eczema. So why not for folliculitis ? Lobbying is the key to make progress in research.
  15. Strange how we are many to suffer Seb Dermatitis in the same time... Strange that Accutane helped to reduce my folliculitis but causes folliculitis to others.. If you have whiteheads in other places than your face, it is certainly folliculitis and no rosacea. Do you have pimples in your beard area or scalp ? Be carreful with antibiotics, my folliculitis has spread on my face after cures of cycline and fuicidine on face.. Did you use Hibiclens in your nose and on your face durin