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    Dance salsa, read, cook (and eat!) good and healthy food, go to the gym (when I´m there it´s really nice, the difficult part is getting there..........)
  1. EddiE, that´s a stupid thing to say. A lot of people here are very sensitive against sugar and dairy... I don´t tolerate dairy, sugar, wheat, rice, potatoes, tubercules, honey - etc! because of the carbs and sugars in them. So ice cream would indeed make me break out...
  2. Most people who found a nutritional cure to acne on this forum did so on High Fat, Low Carb diets. If you take away all dietary fats and only use some vegetable oils you will create higher sugar spikes (in the blood) and probably an imbalance in the omega 6- omega 3 omega 9 levels in your body. I personally tried to "cleanse" from within with lots of fruit, veggies, fibre (mostly from brown rice, pasta etc) and low fat, only using vegetable fats. This made my acne 10 times worse, I kept telling
  3. You get Vitamin D from eggs, fish, butter, meat, fish oil, liver etc. So if you follow a Low Carb High Fat diet you get lots of vitamin D, that´s why the traditional diets of countries in northern latitudes contains lots of animal fats (vitamin D gets stored in the fat of the animals during summer time). Many diseases are thought to be caused by a deficit of vitamin D, since it tells the immune system when it´s time to stop attacking (a virus, bacteria). Most diseases in industrialised countri
  4. I buy omega 3 eggs, they have better fat balances since the chickens haven´t been fed cereals, but fish.
  5. I think you need to focus on other things than just weight lifting, try to do other sports, like running, walking, swimming or basket ball, football, soccer, beach volley, tennis or if you like it, yoga and pilates. I try to combine many different sports, I do weight lifting, running, walking, swimming and pilates(and I always go to work and to the gym with a bicycle). That way I exercise in many different ways, use many different muscle groups and use anaerobic muscles as well as aerobic muscle
  6. Btw, I know that in most gyms they say that you need to eat lots of carbs, that´s not true, I´m feeling better now than before (I was lifting weights on the other diet as well). And also forgot to say that the fats need to be animal fats, those work better for me than vegetable fats (margarine and sunflower oil are inflammatory) I do have some olive oil occasionally and nuts.
  7. :( i am 6'0 , 145.. bah.. need weight. I wanna eat healthy that's y i stopped eating junks. , and Meats are expensive... I think i am buying the wrong one.... with very low calories lol , i gotta look into the high calories one... duh. just buy nuts and eat ^^ Whole or Raw almond ( raw is expensive... ) , brazil nuts .. walnut this is why i spend 80-$100 a week on foods cause of dang meats. , :P i started working months ago so now i can buy my foods.... can't even buy clothes etc :(
  8. Garlic is great, it´s tasty in food and very healthy! If you ever get an infected wound it´s a perfect antibiotic, antifungi and antivirus. (wiothout the nasty side-effects of medicins, the only side-effect is the smell...) I live in Spain, most people eat garlic every day, no one notices that we all STINK! (the tourists might of course...) It´s normal to fry everything, from shrimps and vegetables in olive oil, garlic and parsley, I use butter instead of olive oil. Anyhow, I´m going back to
  9. I´m staying clear, I work out 3-4 times/week. I eat low-carb, high-fat. It´s a good combination since the proteins and fat in my diet helps me with the acne, but also to gain muscle mass.
  10. We´re not here too much, since we don´t suffer from acne and there are other more interesting forums...... I tried an almost non-fat diet (got fat almost only from olive oi), I ate brown rice, vegetables and lean meat, chicken, fish. It made my acne worse... now I eat animal protein, animal fat, dairy and some boiled vegetables. This is what cured me, but if anyone feels like trying this diet I don´t see anything wrong in that. What I do find a bit stupid is that a lot of people here are taking
  11. You make a really good point . The same goes for me... I dont spend as much on other things as I used to. PLUS I cant even imagine how much my friends spend on alcohol and cigarettes and going out in general.... I DO still spend money on supplements though... evening primrose oil and zinc, fish oil and probiotics.... and when I go to Cuba I will be bringing my parazap pills with me... I dont want any parasites...and I will be bringing my lovely fibre powder and my digestive aid tea. I dont want