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  1. Hi- I have just been reading about the ACV and Baking soda regime. I haven't tried either of the two mentioned but would be really interested to hear peoples results that have tried these too. I don't have that many scars but the ones i do have really bother me as they are soo obvious and hard to cover up. I don't really have any pitting it is mostly red marks. I would be really grateful of some reviews on the regimes people have used to help clear a similar problem? xxx
  2. Yeah i see what you mean. I think i would like wearing make-up if i felt that it actually made me look nicer tho. when i wear it at the moment it just looks like a cover up. I think it is just an insecurity thing with me maybe! Thanks for taking the time to reply
  3. Hi- I use decleor products which are really good. I find they really help to control my breakouts. Try the clensing gel for oily skin or there is a combination skin sensitive one too. The products are all natural and they are not harsh at all. Hope this helps xx
  4. Hi- I am just new to this site. I was searching the internet today to try and find any solutions to reduce my scarring and general uglyness as i feel exactly the same as you! I have had bad skin for nearly 8 years and at this moment in time i really don't know what else to do- i have tried everything. sometimes it starts to get better and i start to feel happier and more confident and then i am just battered back down again by more breakouts and scarring! I have used make-up over the whole peri