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  1. Saroj lama


    Help me guys to remove this big whatever plzze guys
  2. Saroj lama


    Hi everyone I am saroj frm nepal I need help to get rid of acne that appeared in my nose.i jst pressed it yesterday and now it is swelled plz Guys comment if u know how to get rid fast that shit
  3. Saroj lama

    Acne scar black spot

    Anyone knw how to get rid of these fast I want to get rid of that acne jst appeared yesterday in my nose
  4. Saroj lama

    Scars and black spot

    Hi i am saroj from nepal i am working hard to clear my skin.my acne problem was start when i was 13 now i am 20 but i look like a 25 bcoz of acne scars.its really hard to deal with acne after acne is gone we have to deal with scars again its really decrease our confident level and really hard to live around a people.people act like they knw everything they say like stop masturbation etc but its been 9 months i havent masturbation but still acne pop up jst yesterday it appeared in my nose it i