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  1. 60% ? that's nice~ I am planing to do my 1st treatment, wish me luck~ hey man, the percentage varies for different people, if you r really interested in it, go to a professional and ask for any possible side effect. then be careful when they ask you to sign an agreement. yeah.. all the best!
  2. not quite sure about pixel, i only had 5 fraxel treatments done over the last 7 months. i would say the improvement on my scars was 60%, not as good as i expected, but still acceptable. the down time for post treatment is usually 3-6 days, depending on your skin type, my skin was pale and sensitive, it took me 5 days to have my face getting back to normal. your skin will get a suntan red maybe accompanied by a bit swollen. after 3 days, your skin will feel dry and start peel off after 3 days, th
  3. i sufferd bad acne before which left me horrible scars which stop me going out and being with the guy i really liked. i am very sensitive about the lighting and people's staring. i have been suffering bad depression for many years. acne and acne scars have totally changed my life!