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  1. ive been like this for more than a week now, i literally moisturize my skin every single fckin hour and it just doesnt do anything AAAAAAAAAAAAAA HELP ME
  2. I started my course in 12th october, week 14 by now, did the 1st month on 10mg daily and then 20mg daily till now. Im about 138lbs btw and my skin is really dry, i mean moisturizer keep it decent so i dont rly know how yours isnt that dry. Im also still breaking out and im so fckin pissed cuz i though by the end of month 3 i would be nicely clear..
  3. Male 18yrs 63kg/140lbs - 20mg daily - Moderate Cystic Acne So im in my third month and still breaking out...is it because my dosage is way too low for my weight?! Or is it normal not being cleared at this point?! Ive seen people completely cleared in their third month and it really bothers me because im actualy scared this might not work. Any advice?! When did you start to clear up?! Thank yall.
  4. I dont wanna sound cliche by any means but just try accutane, give it a shot..