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  1. I have a small dime white spot on my cheek and I have come to the conslusion it is "Pityriasis alba." I went to my dermotologist and he suggested to put Cortaid on the area once a day for a week and it should treat it. I have been doing so for about three weeks and haven't seen any results. I am a very pale person so it blends in fine unless when I wash my face and my face turns red, then the white spot shows for a little. Well, I started tanning a few days ago and now my face is red/tanner an
  2. I am 21 years old and I have been tanning for about two years now. About three months ago, I've noticed a SMALL white spot on my left cheek and it has been bothering me. Whenever I am tan, that white spot sticks out like a sore and there is nothing that will cover it up. I began to stop tanning and my skin became lighter (I am extremely pale) so the white patch blended in with my skin. The problem is, tanning really helps my "breakouts" with pimples and it blends my skin so good together since I
  3. Thanks for that reply, made me feel good and excited. I also have a friend who did Accutane and doesn't really care anymore about his skin, probably doesn't even cleanse and his skin looks amazing. About the hair, you will be fine. In the shower, when I am washing my hair, pieces come out here and there but nothing major. I have such thick hair that it doesn't matter for me haha, but I dunno about you. The frizziness was annoying for the first week then I actually forgot all about it and I sta
  4. I posted a few questions in my blog people so PLEASE go to it and read the last post. I just need to know what I should do after Accutane. I will post the blog in here and please just help me out. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...blogid=568& For all the people who don't feel like clicking that: I have 2 more days left! I should be happy but I am more nervous. I know they say that when you are off, you should stay clear but I am worried that when I am off I will break out again
  5. oh yeah, she told me to wear a hat too. Thanks alot zxcv. :)
  6. You’re so ignorant. Stop dismissing anything negative against accutane. I hate the drug but I don't go round dismissing anything good that is said about it. Yes accutane can alter the immune system, both heightening it and reducing it. Depending on whether we are looking at the primary, secondary, innate etc. In response to the original poster, you also need to chill out. Like you said the people on here have no idea in general so can't help you. They only regurgitate what they read on here.
  7. May 3rd and May 4th is going to be amazing. Bamboozle. It's basically a two day concert all day outside where alot of good metal/hardcore bands perform. Anyway, I am like on my 3rd month on Accutane and I'm doing great. Basically completely clear. I wanna go so bad but I am worried that the sun will mess everything up. Now I know about me putting sunscreen on. I am going to use SPF 50. I will try to stay in any type of shade I can most of the time. I am still worried though. I asked my derm and
  8. I don't think he is to young. There is no need to waste money on products that don't work. Accutane is the way to go.
  9. OMG, haha. I just woke up today, noticed mine. I don't even wanna leave my house now. I come checking up on here and damn the first topic is "Racoon Eyes". Amazing. I am on my 75th day of Accutane and today is the first day I realized this. It could have been there before but for some reason today is when I noticed. Suckks. It has to be from Accutane. I would think anyway. I am not getting THAT good of sleep though. I mean, I get over 6-7 so that should be fine, it's just weird hours I sleep d
  10. Well, I just got back from my dermatologist appointment and I got some "not so good" news. It seems that my white blood cell count is becoming low. When I started my count was around 5.4 or something. The second month it dropped to a 3.6. Last appointment she did let me know about that but it wasn't that big of a deal at the time. She said she will be watching it but she upped my dose to two 30's a day. Now, I am at 3.4. She said there isn't a big difference between 3.6 and 3.4 but it is really
  11. hey hey! i'm glad you're going well with accutane! yayyy!! i will go to lok at your photographs after i post this comment! i have some photographs in my gallery, but not really recent ones!

    have a lovely monday!