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  1. I'd lovvvvve to, but I gotta order some more Light Neutral, cuz I used it all up in between orders of samples. I end up using anything I have that's even close to a match, cuz I don't have anything that matches right now. So I'll stick to the Buff Category :) I'll probably get a full size kit, the $32 dollar one or whatever it is, cuz I have plenty of darker stuff to fix the Light Neutral until I get something to mix with it that is just perfect. I need a full size that close cuz it really
  2. Thanks for all the help everyone I actually just tried some of the Winged Butter again. I read somewhere that it was darker, and all I remembered about it was it being yellow, so....I think what happened was when I originally tried it, it was with my Philosophy Supernatural brush, and I think the brush caked it on so much that it intensified the yellow. I now have EM's Long Handed Flat Top () and I tried it with that, and it blended much better! So, it looks like kind of a match, maybe? Jus
  3. Thanks! Do you think it would be okay to mix with the Buttered Tan maybe? Thanks for always being so helpful lu lu!
  4. haha K, I just took a pic, and it reminded me why I NEED makeup. This as as close to sunlight as I could get, I'm sitting in front of a window in daylight. Uhm.....Warning: I've got lotsa red marks and acne. I don't know what to match? My neck? Or one of the splotches on my face? I also realized from the pic that I have lotsa redness.....so should I buy that corrector thing? (i don't even remember which one it is that is supposed to help)
  5. Help Please. So, since my last post where I had ordered Buttered Tan and it was too dark, I have tried many other shades and they were all wrong! I emailed EM's customer service and never received a reply So maybe ya'll can help me some more? Here's a lowdown on how the ones I tried looked on my face: Warm Medium Beige - a smidge too dark/orange, might work during summer? Buttered Tan - Too dark, but did not do the pink/orange thing Golden Light - Very close match, but kinda yellow W
  6. Agh Had MAJOR breakout on my chin. I am soooo peeved. It was almost clear too from the one last one I had, all that was left was pretty small bumps that were THIS close to healing. I just switched to a morning schedule (I was working 3 to 10 PM usually and went to workin 6 am to 2 pm), and when I got home from work yesterday I decided to take a nap. Sooo I washed my face and put some left over Clean & Clear persigel 10 as a spot treatment on the bumps on my chin (cuz I didn't want to
  7. Well, on week 3 now, I think. I hadn't had any new breakouts since the last post, just lotsa red marks and a few healing pimples. I did the baby brush thing cuz I was flaking quite a bit (kept falling asleep while waiting for the BP to dry at night so I skipped moisturizer at night 2 nights in a row hehe, should do the regimen *before* I get sleepy) And then yesterday I didn't wake up with, but 3 new zits came up through the day. I couldnt help it and popped one on my temple But! I left t
  8. Hey....this kinda doesnt have to do with EM, but I ordered some stuff from them and.....has anyone here had problems with DHL shipping? I ordered from EM, and paid the 3 bucks extra for DHL 1-6 day, cuz I figured it would be faster than the post office. However, according to their tracking page, my item was shipped the 23rd, and up until yesterday (25th), it was sitting "Processed" in Waco Regional Hub, TX. Like, they really WANTED it to take a full 6 days to get here. Then it finally said i
  9. Hey, That's nice to know that your acne was similar cuz your face is so clear now! I'm seriously starting to lose faith lol My face *had* started to look a lil better, then after this most recent breakout (because of either that dreaded mask or my primer...I posted my problem questions elsewhere, I'll copy them here cuz not all of them were answered) I feel like I'm back at square one.....well more like square negative one lol Cuz, my forhead is far worse. However, since I stopped using th
  10. Okay, here's some pics I took today.....I'm pretty sure that my BE Primer was causing me to break out, cuz I had a new pimple or 2 everyday for about the last 3 or 4 days, and yesterday I didn't wear it under my EM, and I didn't wake up with any new ones. My forehead got way worse cuz of it
  11. Thanks for replying! I'm glad I'm not the only one who had that issue lol I'll definately look for some toner with glycolic acid in it at WalMart. It's so annoying sitting there running your hands over your face for 10 min, and then feeling like you got nowhere lol Did you see increased results after you added the toner? I've read good things about that Neutrogena lotion, it's always being brought up and recommended to someone hehe Again, thank you so much!
  12. Hello, (sorry for the long post!) I started doing the regimen 12 days ago. Up until the 9th day I had been using Clearasil's Persa-Gel 10 cuz it was all that was available in my (small) town. I have all of Dan's products now though, and using half a finger of Dan's BP twice a day. I've also watched all of Dan's videos. Anyways, so my questions are: 1. I know you're supposed to like lightly rub the BP in, until it's a lil bit tacky....but I sit there gently rubbing it in for like 5 minutes,
  13. YAY! I received my DK stuff It's all pretty big, haven't got to use it....I will probably wash my face early today just cuz I can't wait hehe My face has gotten a little better, I took there pics 2 days ago, and they didn't frighten me like the ones that I took a few days before that. So I'm positive there's been improvement, though I've had about one new pimple every other day. So here's my forhead and my left side (I took a pic of the right side but it came out awfully blurry) I will t
  14. Thanks for all the advice! Actually, I mixed the medium intensive concealer with the buttered tan foundation and it's a pretty close match! Still a little too dark, I just did 1 part of each and tried, not perfect but it'll work for now. I still want to find my right shade, as mixing the two together is only gunna last so long (I got the tinny concealer hehe). Aiy, and I put it on without primer and it looked all blotchy/spotty (it seemed as though some parts of my skin were allowing EM to
  15. K so Dan received my payment yesterday.....and it's not shipping till today, so....I think I won't receive it till probably Monday I hate weekends. I also hate that I paid so much extra to have it here sooner, and it really didnt make any difference at all. My face is dry....so I currently have Mark.'s Carrot Hydrating mask on. Hopefully it'll help......the EM was way too dark, so I'll be ordering sample's from now on. As for zits, I got 3 new ones yesterday, and they got smaller overnigh