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  1. I just went for my first pixel treatement today. I live in Vancouver, Canada and bought a package of 5 for $1600 at Dr. Braun's office. It didn't really hurt that much but it burns and stings afterward. Right now it is about 2 hours after the prodedure and it isn't stinging very much at all but it is red like a bad sunburn. I am female and can easily cover the redness with makeup which they said is fine to apply. I have a bit of scarring that isn't that deep and I have large pores( they
  2. I just had restlyne injections yesterday in a few of my scars. The injection nurse I went to told me that those particular scars would fill well. I noticed that where I had the injections, there is a small bump under the skin. It feels like a small pebble under my skin. It is also raised above the normal skin level too. Is this normal? The nurse that done my injection was very experienced and seemed very knowledgable on fillers. She told me to wait 2 weeks and come back in and she will top
  3. What type of scar is this and would it respond to a filler?