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  1. sweet_sunshine

    2Nd Time Around- Follow Me!

    Hey @Jamie Ann , any thoughts on long term health effects after being on accutane twice? Considering my second round.
  2. sweet_sunshine

    2Nd Round Of Accutane (Claravis)

    Hey! I know it's over 5 years later, but if for some reason you see this message I wanted to check in and see how your skin is doing now? Any thoughts on long term health concerns after being on the medicine twice? I'm considering starting my second round next month.
  3. sweet_sunshine

    Day 21 Differin

    How did it turn out for you?
  4. sweet_sunshine

    Please help!!! Sebaceous filaments

    Hey girl! I have the same problem. Tons of sebaceous filments all over my face. Especially my forehead. It feels like every pore is full. Did accutane help?
  5. sweet_sunshine

    My Happy Easter story: Letting go of the regimen

    Hey! Thank you for your post. I am recently quitting benzoyl peroxide. I am starting my 5th week today. How’s your progress been? My face has gotten much worse and I’m wondering maybe when the initial shock will subside.
  6. sweet_sunshine

    Microneedling & Dan's Regimen?

    Thanks @beautifulambition!
  7. sweet_sunshine

    Microneedling & Dan's Regimen?

    @ImprovedCat just curious how your microneedling treatments went while on the regimen? How many treatments did you get? Did your skin break out after stopping the BP for 2 days? I am on a similar regimen and am going to get my first micro needling done on Wednesday and I'm also a little worried how my skin will react with 2-3 days of no bp.
  8. sweet_sunshine

    Ninja Skincare

    I know this is an old thread, but I just started using ninja skincare about 3 weeks ago. So far what everyone has said about the excellent customer service is true. Still waiting for my skin to clear up. Did you ever try it?