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  1. Low Dose Accutane (10mg/day) - Day 109 It took me about 109 days until the initial break is finished.. holy... Face became extremely prone to scarring > most recent pimples left me one deep box car and one deep ice pick scars (Yellow circled); Face so dry It is certain that the side effects is certainly less severe for low dose Overall, for past 109 days, my face got worse and worse everyday -TCA Cross: test treated - Day 94 (Red circled) I thought they got improved about 15% in depth but this week they became very deep pitted ice pick scars. I was comparing them with my old pictures and I am certain they got worse maybe due to Accutane? One of the treated scar got conned with another scar. I made an appointment for my TCA + Subcision session on 21st but I am now so worried about my scars getting worse because of TCA.. my face is so damn prone to scarring now.. it is extremely sensitive and dry.. Maybe I should stop taking acctuane 1 week before the treatment and start again 1 week after the treatment.. I think my next post will be after the treatment of TCA Cross and subcision.
  2. I am also a sufferer from severe acne scars. I totally agree with you that nobody does not care about the scars. It is always just me who cares about it. I know about it and I try to be positive but it is damn too hard.. I think it is just impossible for me. I do not think my life can be happy with these severe scars on my face. I am planning on treating my scars.. It will take at least a year. I am going to spend my whole 2019 on treating my scars and it will be my last time trying to fix my scars. I just don't want to regret.. I will at least try my best before I give up. It will be painful and expensive but meh.. I will get over it. But as you mentioned, I also know one guy who has bad scarring but he seems to live his life happily. Sadly, I just can't live with this scars on my face. Hopefully everything works out very well for both of us and all other scarring sufferers.
  3. Gimozzi

    Thoughts on Dr David Lim?

    Dude, I know you are frustrated, but this is not the way you express your frustration. You made your decision, nobody made that decision for you. I am sorry that the result is not what you expected but it is just too funny how you are insulting one of the greatest dermatologists who devoted himself in scar revision field. You should be thankful that you can actually get treatments from Dr.Lim. If I was able to travel for the treatments, Dr.Lim would be my number 1 choice. Hope your scar gets better in time.
  4. Are you planning to take longer? or are you done taking it anymore? Did you experience any Initial Breakout? Thanks
  5. There are a lot of great adviser in this website and posting a picture will help them provide you more accurate advise. Depression could be one of the side effects of the Accutane as I am also suffering from it and I am currently on low dose Accutane. How long has it been that you stopped taking Accutane? I think it will take for awhile for your skin to go back to normal condition. I recommend you to research on finding good dermatologists around your area. Stay strong.
  6. Day 75 (10mg/day) - Thought initial breaking out period ended, sadly I am still breaking out - Got every active acne extracted 2 days ago and there are 5 new pimples growing on my face already - Symptoms of depression - Mild pain in back and around heart area Day ~60 (Spot treated with TCA) - Very little improvement, one of the area became so much wider - I have done light peel 2 days ago and it made the treated area very red I decided to stop posting updates until this freaking stubborn initial break out period ends. I am seriously so freaking sick and tired of being depressed and frustrated, it is affecting me so negatively..
  7. I totally understand how you feel because that is exactly how I feel recently.. I have been suffering from severe acne scars for almost all my life and it is influencing my life so fking negatively. Trust me, my scars are severe as fk.. I think this extreme stress caused me to develop some kind of psychosis.. I get so freaking obsessed on my skins that, for past 2 years, I have been taking at least 20 pictures of my face every fking day.. literally every day.. I have over 10,000 pictures of my acne scars.. not even joking LOL ! Today, while I was driving I saw my face in the mirror, and it was so frustrating and depressing that it made me cry... like.. wtf.. I think I have depression too.. I try to stay positive but it is just damn so hard to be positive.. I have been trying so freaking hard for my skin for past 2 years, but my skin got worse and worse.. its like the more I try to make it better, the worse it gets.. it feels like I fking wasted 2 years.. literally.. all these time and money I put on it.. it just means nothing.. It is so freaking funny that I am still suffering from acne at age of 27.. lol.. what is this? why am I like this? However, I am currently on low dose accutane (planning to take it for 1-2 years) and I am planning to treat my severe scars when my active acne is under control. It will be freaking long journey, at least 1 year, this is going to be my last attempt of trying to fix my scars.. I am going to spend a whole year of 2019 on treating my scars, staying home alone, going to work with bruises and full of scrabs on my face, not socializing at all.. I don't think I can move on to next page of my life with this scars on my face.. I just cant.. But.. I realized.. there will always be someone beside you supporting you whether your face is full of scars or not.. your bf in your case. One of my best friends mother has been diagnosed "bone cancer" just today. Thinking about how hard and sad it could be for my friend, I thought of myself as a fking loser.. As of today, I will try to be positive or at least try not to lose the hope, I hope you do this too.
  8. Is been nearly 80 days for me for taking 10mg/day. I am still having issue of breaking out. They are so stubborn.. always 2-4 active ones on my face no matter what I do... Are you planning to take low-dose for a long time? The side-effects are certainly less than the normal dose. Do you do monthly blood test too? Hope everything works out well for you!
  9. Omg, how generous thank you so much for your consideration. I know isotretinoin negatively influence healing ability but recent studies say that low dose accutane is okay with some of the treatments. There are doctors who are saying it is okay to do low dose accutane while on some treatments and there are some doctors who are totally against it. My doctor says he has been treating patients with some treatments while on low dose accutane. I am quite afraid that it might negatively affect me (I have extremely sensitive skin) but I am going to try it. Plus, my doctor has done spot treating few of my scars with TCA Cross while on low dose Accutane. Although I would not say that I healed perfectly fine, I had no trouble healing. I am still fighting with this stubborn active acne, when it settles down, I am going to start treating my scars with Subcision + TCA Cross treatment. Hopefully I heal well. Again, thank you so much for your time and consideration. I really appreciate it.
  10. Gimozzi

    Subcision/cross progress - before/after

    May I ask your summarized timeline for the treatments? I am also thinking about going a long journey of treating my severe scars. Congrats on your dedication and hard work!
  11. How are you all doing? I am on day 75 (10mg/day) and still moderately breaking out. I still get stubborn cystic acne on my face and they never seem to get dried up and leave me red pigmentation marks even if they get dried up. Anyone here planning to take low dose Accutane for long-term? I am planning to take it for 1-2 years (going to decrease the dose when my face becomes stable) I am also planning to do scar revision treatments (TCA Cross and Subcision) when the IB is under control and my face become fully stable. I have extremely severe deep pitted scars (all types of scars). Regards,
  12. Thank you for your suggestion! May I ask what kind of laser treatment your friend did? However, for my type of scars, which is severely pitted deep ice pick and boxcar scars, TCA Cross and subcision seem to be the best option. I am currently on day 75 on taking 10mg/day, and I am sadly still experiencing initial break out.. I am not breaking out crazy but I keep on getting 2-4 stubborn cystic acne on my face no matter what I do. They literally stay on my face forever and take so long to get dried up, leaving me red pigmentation marks at the end. I can tell that accutane is slowly working though.. hopefully within 1-2 months my acne is under control so that i can start treating my acne scars. I am planning on doing 3 sessions of Subcision + TCA Cross and 4 sessions of Intracel RF Micro-needling.
  13. Low Dose Accutane (10mg/day): Day 55 Only one cystic acne that got popped during shower (still taking so long to get dried up). Few small ones come out but they disappear in 1-2 days. A lot of left over red/brown spots. Got 2 new pitted scars from breakouts.. I notice a lot of facial hairs grown up after I started Accutane (I am pretty sure I never had this much before) Eczema developed around my eyes and nose and it made me extremely itchy... but after applying some moisturizing cream, they disappeared in a week. Planning to take 20mg/week after I finish this pack (15 pills left) TCA Cross (Spot Treated): Day 42 Pretty much the same.. not much improvement.. One of the treated area got so much wider... but got like 10% improvement in depth. My face got so much worse for past few months..meh.. but I am so glad that the initial breakout is near the end.
  14. Low Dose Accutane (Day 45),10mg/day. - Still in initial break period but the severity is getting better slowly - 2~4 pimples every week - Dryness - Itchiness (especially around eyes and nose) - Still getting extracted from spa bi-weekly - Skin texture got softer - Face with a lot of red/pinkish spots from breakouts and extractions. Some of them fade away within 2-4weeks but some of them are still very visible even after 3 months. TCA Cross (Day 32) - TCA test-treated spots (yellow circled in the picture)are basically not improved much.. in my opinion.They certainly got wider and became more noticeable. In depth-wise, they became around 10% better. However, so far, I still think the scars actually got worse. Hopefully, they get better in time. Within 2 months when my face become more stable, I am planning to visit clinic to consult about TCA Treatments. Probably 5 treatments every 1-2 months.
  15. Day 28. Basically the same, more dryness. All pimples from last update still on my face with new pimples but I noticed they are being dried a bit faster. They still take forever to get dried up though. Going to go get extracted AGAIN tomorrow. I got extracted last Friday.. yet there so much more to extract tomorrow yoohoo! Few days ago, I woke up with extreme itchiness on both my hands (it literally woke me up at 12:30pm) and I could not sleep for a long time because of this extreme itchiness. This side effect is quite harsh.. so I decided to even lower my dose to 20mg/week. I am going to take 20mg/week for at least a year and going to start treating my pitted scar with TCA Cross treatment within few months when my face become completely stable with low dose Accutane.Hopefully, the side effects and initial breakout are less severe for 20mg/week.. - Not much difference on spots treated with TCA Cross. They still look pink/worse. I will probably update weekly/monthly from now.