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  1. i dont get how fastfood like (frenchfries, hamburgers) give you acne and you change your diet, dont you need to eat everything to be healthy? not just fruits and veggies's just wondering!!
  2. i did what you said with the needle thing but its still there now flat and still looks like its cloted what should i do about it now thats its flat i know its not a redmark !!!!!!!!!
  3. i HAVE no clue what this is i think its a cyst that died on the outside of my face instead of inside... anyways heres the story i got a cyst on my nose about 7 months ago it went away leaving a redmark but with this red mark it left little "Bubble" type things that are dark red when i touch them they go flat on my skin but when left alone its raised its very soft and it feels like rubber litterly ...... i know its not a pimple cause its not light red and it doesnt have white in the middle or not
  4. can i eat brown bread without it causeing acne i know white bread aggravates
  5. can you take vitamin supplemnts while on accutane like centrum multi vitamin
  6. hey sickofthis in all people there healing process slows in a way or just some people? and yeah man i want my life back i dont mind my cheeks having a little acne but if acne is on my nose or near my eye iits different
  7. im on my last month of accutane should i wait?
  8. are these for scar redmarks or flat redmarks from a pimple
  9. guys i really need some advice on what to do about this D;