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  1. I just spent so much time on MakeupAlley looking at reviews trying to find a foundation that may work for me. I feel like Ive spent so much money trying to find a good one, and the only ones I really havent tried are all the expensive designer brands. Maybelline: eh, ok. But I need more coverage. Covergirl: Horrible colors, and the last one I tried (Outlast) made my cheeks breakout. Max Factor: Currently trying the Lasting Perormance. It's alright, but doesnt stay. And no where on the bo
  2. I used to love Revlon Colorstay... then my mom bought me Covergirls Outlast and fell in love with the coverage it gives me. I think it's breaking me out though so Im gonna stop using it for a while. Anyways, the lightest shade in the Outlast it kinda dark for me... but it made for a really good coverage. Now that Im back on the Revlon, the color it sooo light and I now realize that it doesnt cover hardly at all. So... should I just go with a darker color?? Or is there a foundation that o
  3. I love Clinique. Not sure the specific name of the blush, but i love it *shrug*
  4. How come people in 3rd world countries dont have acne?
  5. Ok this is the 3rd time Im going back on the regimen. I started around this time last summer and got amazing results... then once college started I broke out again. My mom bought me all kinds of stuff to try so I tried them... those didnt work, went back on the regimen till she found something else... that didnt work so here I am. My acne used to be just around my chin and mouth... it's now just on my cheeks. Why does acne migrate? And for the females...for those of you on Birth Control.
  6. Hey beatles, how long has it been since your first time on accutane? Im considering starting it... but it seems so pricey when most people have to go on it more than once.
  7. Do you wear contacts? I noticed you said your eyes were hurting you. Im considering going on accutane but I really really REALLY dont wanna have to go back to glasses
  8. Hey, I have a couple questions. My mom really wants me to go on accutane... and Ive been resistant, but nothing is working against my acne. Do you wear contacts? If so... did you have to stop wearing them? Has your face become dry and pealy at all? I totally didnt pay attention during your bio... are you m or f? if Female... do you wear makeup while on accutane? If you cant tell... im so concerned about my appearance, lol.
  9. Did you both really have to stop using contacts while on accutane?
  10. After trying product after product with no success... my moms nagging about how horrible my face looks is really starting to get to me. My mom really wants me to try Accutane... but I have so many reservations about it. First off (and I know this is a very stupid reason but hey... Im a college girl): I dont want to have to go back to using Glasses. Second: Ive heard so many stories on here about how people tried accutane... and their acne came back after a few months... That seems like so
  11. If youve just started the regimen... be patient... soon enough the BP will dry up your skin, but be sure to use moisutizer!!! I love Eucerin, never had a problem with oiliness due to it. Dry skin isnt healthy for sensitive, acne prone skin either. Just be patient.
  12. I use an antibacterial at night to help wash off the dirt and grime (and makeup) from the day. I use Noxema Triple Clean. Not really sure to what extent it's helping, but I decided to use my morning cleanser the other day rather than the Noxema... and the next day I had a fresh new zit... Coincidence? *shrug* It makes sense to me to use an antibacterial, however I do still use BP because the BP supposedly gets down into the pores whereas the Cleanser just washes away the bacteria on the sur
  13. You could try Covergirls Outlast Foundation. It includes a primer with it. i love the stuff. The bottling sucks, but it offers the best coverage and lasts all day.
  14. I actually didnt have great results on this. I stuck with it for over the 40 return policy. It cleared me up somewhat, but in return I ended up getting tiny bumps all over my cheeks and forehead. Im now using Arbonnes NutiRimic (whatever the antiaging stuff is). My mom purchased it the same time she bought the clear advantage stuff. She never used it so she gave it to me. Im actually having pretty good results with it. Only the left side of my face is now broken out, but this is still onl
  15. I was on the regimen starting June before college (last summer). As soon as I started school my face got soooo bad. I posted about it too. I got comments saying I probably changed the regimen (i didnt), or from humidity since my dorm isnt Air conditioned. But also the stress of school can cause acne. So for the past 9 months Ive been battling my acne again trying new products and topical cleansers and BP. Just now is my acne somewhat getting better (now that Im out of school for the summer
  16. Were you put on Ortho Tricyclen for Acne? If not I would recommend Ortho Tricyclen LO. Thats the only BC Ive ever used and have never experienced an side effects. And it hasnt caused or helped my acne... but I wasnt prescirbed it for acne so I dont mind (although itd be nice if it did fight my acne). Ive thought about switching to a pill that prevents acne too, but I too am afraid of side effects from pills with more hormones. A lot of women just have to try several different types to se
  17. I had a post about this not long ago... not many people commented. I think ive concluded that my pimples itch when they are healing (sort of like when wounds itch when they heal.... although I still dont have a reason as to why the itching actually occurs). Back to the point... my pimples itch too. It's weird though because only certain ones itch and no the ones that itch arent bug bites. Hopefully someone else will comment with a definite explanative answer for us both
  18. Is a powder or a liquid foundation best for acne prone skin? Ive always worn a liquid because I feel like powders dont offer coverage and easily rub off. BUT powders seem so much more light and airy that they may be better for the skin. If you think powders are better... could you recommend a good drugstore powder that offers good coverage? I know a lot of you use MAC, but it's expensive and Im not comfortable buying makeup online because of the colors.
  19. all Non Comeogenic products are the best! lol. There are a lot to choose from. But I recently purchased a blush that unknowingly was Comeogenic (clogs pours) and my cheeks broke out. So just make sure all your make up, lotions, and cleansers are Non-comeogenic.
  20. Is there some ingredient in lip balm/gloss that can cause acne? Just recently Ive been getting lots of white heads on the edge of my lips, so Im starting to wonder if it's my lip balm. I use lots of different ones "Balmex", some blistex one, a mary kay one, and the Burt's Bees Wax lip balm.
  21. Why would you want to sleep in your makeup? I love this makeup too and have never experienced ANY irritation.