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  1. Thanks for getting back to me! Out of all the views someone actually responded. They are now indented marks with black ink inside them. I will look into an appointment with a dermatologist and see about getting them excised..I'll look up 'excising' here too. Thanks.
  2. Hello. Please help me out. I know this seems like a stupid and crazy thing I did. And it was. It was a while ago but I was going through a really weird time in my life. Basically I have two little self-inflicted dots on my face below my left eye, right above my cheek bone. They had a significance to me when I did it, but now they don't and it looks worse. They were made with a needle and black tattoo ink. They look kind of like birth marks but the colour has changed to a purplish colour. They a
  3. Now it has been 16 days. So it went from a scab, to light pink when the scab fell off, and now it is getting dark again. But it is a smaller area than before. This colouration I hope is not permanent, because it doesn't seem like a scab will form this time. What can help to get rid of the redness? colostrum?
  4. The blackhead was there for about 3 - 4 weeks before. I don't think it is cystic. I'll just wait and see what happens. Its on the lower part of my cheek where the skin is not as sensitive as the skin of my upper cheek. So hopefully all goes well. Thanks.
  5. Hey tom tom, Right now after almost two days it is dark red and the skin is getting dry and rough, like a scab is forming. I thought I just applied pressure to the blackhead, but the surrounding skin must have been affected too. This morning when I woke up it didn't look quite as red. Hopefully the redness will keep going down. Thanks.
  6. Its kind of getting darker n crusty. Geez I didn't think I squeezed that hard.
  7. OK, I know I should have just left it alone. I had this blackhead on my lower cheek, and I squeezed away at it last night. I am now left with a dark red area about the size of a dime. It is slightly swollen. I’ve done this act of impatience a few times before in my life, but there is usually less redness and the swelling is usually gone by the next morning. I know it was wrong of me to do this, but what should I do now? I’m kind of worried.
  8. Thanks Denise & oldguy. I also read the recent post about staying positive too. It has helped alot.
  9. Hey, I just thought of letting you all know how its going with my treatment. I have 3 pretty small icepicks, but they're all close together so its looks bad. Over the past 6 months I've crossed them 3 times, one with 12.5%, then 50%, then 100%. The 100% was about 3 weeks ago. They are still red, and although some days they look smoother, today it looks like there's no improvement. Tell me the redness means its healing! I have the 'orange peel' look on both cheeks, just to the left and right of m
  10. I did a TCA cross on two ice picks about 2 weeks ago. I then read a post about glycolic acid and decided to purchase a 2% glycolic acid cleanser and a 10% glycolic acid moisturizer by Neostrata. I've used them twice a day, for the past three days and the TCA crossed ice picks are now more red, and look a little bit inflamed. I will stop using the products or maybe go once every few days and see what happens. I have the "orange peel" look on my cheeks, and I read that GA could help. The big pore