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  1. After about 2 years of using SA and BP (including many months of the regimen and proactiv) I finally stopped using chemicals in July. I got tired of the red face and the harsh products that made my skin dry. It has been since July that I have used any chemicals and still my face is red and blotchy. I've tried all sorts of cleansers, moisturizers, aloe vera, vita-k, etc. All of them aren't doing anything to counter-act my raw, red, and dry complexion. Is it possible that the years of chemicals
  2. Do you rub off the cleanser as you rinse? Or do you just splash your face, avoiding any "pulling" of the skin?
  3. Thanks.. Another thing, it's the worst when I wash with cold water. Cold water makes my face very red. I would think that shouldn't happen.
  4. I think I'm going about washing in the wrong way. I have really sensitive skin and everytime I wash, it gets red and blotchy. At night time my face looks perfect, even colored and what not, but after washing it looks horrid. I tried every product and even tried washing with only water. No matter what I do, it still gets red. To wash, I splash a little water on my face. I then lather up with my cleansing bar and gently message it around for 10 sec. Then, while rinsing, I splash my face repe
  5. Is this bar any good? Better than Dove sensitive skin bar?
  6. Be careful when asking this question. Anyway, I really wouldn't want any sort of exfoliating agent while on the regimen.
  7. Sweating is fine, a water rinse should be enough. Most people don't need to wash with soap 2x a day, especially if your skin is very sensitive. Remember, this method isn't for everyone. It is targeted for those with mild acne.
  8. Don't use topicals. Just a mild soap/cleanser in the morning to cleanse. I'm not sure on the make-up deal. I think it said you should tissue off but don't use water.
  9. I think I found my cure. I read this book http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/068...7090723-8673419 It says you should only wash your face once a day. It makes sense to me, all my friends only do it once a day and they have flawless skin. So for the past week I've been washing in the mornings only with Dove sensitive skin beauty bar. I have yet to encounter a breakout. I guess the 2x washing was too much for my face to handle. Plus it stimulated oil production. I still can't believe t
  10. What is special about gylcerine soap? And Cetaphil doesn't cut it, too much of a scent.
  11. How long does it take for SA to penetrate the pores? Different labels indicate different times, eg. C&C and Phisoderm say you should massage the cleanser for 30 sec - 1 minute. Other labels, eg. Neutrogena, Clearasil just say to "massage cleanser onto face and then rinse." Does it take a certain amount of time for the SA to penetrate the pores?
  12. Proactiv worked magic for the first week and then lost its effect. And yes, the repairing lotion is bp and moisturizer combined. Nonetheless, the only thing that is working for me at the moment is Botchla's Regimen. Dan's never did it for me.
  13. If I am treating my face with bp at night only, will my skin still be extra sensitive to the sun during the day?