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  1. Okay, I used tretinoin 2 years ago now. It made my skin become very oily and then get lots of spots. (Which I personally think is from all the oil!) Also, I never used to get open black-type blackheads and after using tretinoin I now get them. And two years on, the things that I used before for long periods of time; benzoyl peroxide, skinoren, apple cider vinegar wiped over my skin, freederm, zineryt, even many moisturisers, now when I apply them in a few hours, my skin will have had an oily o
  2. Sorry, I thought cetaphil was available in the uk, but they only have the cleanser at the moment!!! On the cetaphil.co.uk site it says they'll be getting new products, so maybe get one of ebay while they get the new stuff in. That will tide you over!! : ) Mogs
  3. Hi guys! Here's an update;I am having really good results with benzoyl peroxide 5%! You know where you get tiny bumps which aren't really blackheads/spots? I think they're called milia? I have them on my neck and they are nearly all gone!! I also have them under my eyes, so I'll be trying a once a week treatment with BP, since it is absolutely smoothing out the skin on my neck. My nose which has whiteheads is responding really well too, and getting smoother and smoother!! My blocked pores an
  4. Hi, yes I thought is was a useful article, especially as you tend to think the grass is greener with topical retinoids. And they give such mixed results! It's from PJ online, the official journal of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.
  5. PS, I thought that jojoba oil would be especially good because it is close in structure to human sebum, and so it is actually good for stopping the body producing excess oil, because it thinks it has enough already thanks to the jojoba. I've also never gotten spots with jojoba oil even when putting lots on my skin.
  6. Okay, finally a breakthrough!!! Last night, I washed my face with plain water, and then applied a layer of non- comedogenic jojoba oil all over my skin to seal in the water. Then I applied benzoyl peroxide all over including my nose and forehead which have been getting especially oily. This morning, no greasiness whatsover, and no shiny nose, and a small flaky patch on my left cheek meaning the benzoyl peroxide worked no problems. I'm so happy!!! Thankyou!! I am going to try consequetive nig
  7. Here is a great article I found about benzoyl peroxide. It is full of interesting information, and shows that benzoyl peroxide really is an excellent treatment and as good as retin a for comedonal (blocked pores) acne. It also contains lots of information about how exactly benzoyl peroxide works. - In 5 studies where BP was compared to topical retinoids, only 1 study showed topical retinoids were better with the other 4 showing no difference, and 1 as BP being slightly better. - A recent stud
  8. Hi, I have had the same problem! I used differin and then retin a for about 3-4 months, it made my skin extremely greasy, and I kept getting spots. I stopped using it in August because it was making things worse, and I wanted to try benzoyl peroxide instead. However now, I can't seem to use A LOT of things now without activating this unusual greasiness; apple cider vinegar which I used all the time, a couple of face washes, a Clarin's gel moisturizer that was part of my regimen. Toothpaste and