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  1. My dermatologist prescribed me doxycycline for 3 months
  2. Hey, I’ve been to the dermatologist 2 days ago, he prescribed me Tolexine ( which is I believe a generic of Doxycycline) and Epiduo Forte. I was using Epiduo since June but he decided to put me in Epiduo forte. I have the feeling that I’m going to purge the next weeks, i only take 2 pills and I already have few red bumps. Who tried those products (epiduo forte and Tolexine/ doxycycline) ? Does it work ?
  3. Ok thank you for your answer, i really hope he will give me accutane. I can’t stand to see everyday new pimple(s) and see others ones growing up under my skin
  4. Hey, I have acne since January and i’ve been to the dermatologist, she told me that my Acne was moderate, she prescribed me a creme ( epiduo gel). She told me to take Tetralysal if i had no results after 2-3 months using epiduo. Now it’s almost 3 months, my Acne became almost severe. I wanna take accutane, I have a rendez-vous with a new dermatologist wednesday. I wanna ask him accutane but I don’t know if he will prescribed me if because I never took antibiotics. I know my brother took it, he
  5. I honestly don’t know what to do. I get new pimples every day, or every two days. They go away really fast ( in few days) but they always let me hyperpigmentation. When I started the treatment I had like a spot and few hyperpigmentation in my left side and now I have like 15 hyperpigmentation and 1-2 spots. In my right side I had less than 10 hyperpigmentations and 2-3 spots and now I have at least 20 hyperpigmentations. I don’t know if I should stop the treatment. I don’t manage to see if it’s
  6. Hello, I’m using Epiduo gel for 6 weeks and 2 days ago. My acne localisated on my cheeks and in the bottom of my cheeks. The first week I Had a little breakout of 4 big pimples. The second week it was okay, I had few new pimples but they were little. Then since the third week I’m breaking out as no possible, I have everyday few red pimples which get white in one day or two but the purge/breakout don’t stop. I wear everyday sunscreen in order to avoid my hyperpigmentation to be dark. I have a l