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  1. Thanks everyone for your replies. Accutane really is the last resort for me. I've done special diets, worked with naturopaths, taken bir th control, spironolactone, and used prescription and otc topicals and yet I still can't get my skin clear. I hope it works
  2. Christina I was actually on a special diet for a little over a year but I just couldn't do it anymore and my acne came back with fury. Unfortunately it's the cystic scarring kind and i havent gotten clear despite being on two medications and a prescription topical so accutane it is.
  3. Hi everyone. I am going on accutane in January and have mixed feelings! Although I'm excited to not have to worry about break outs anymore, I'm worried about what my skin will be like after my 5 month course is over. I'm used to oily skin and don't mind it. Will my skin be super dry after? Will the dryness emphasize my scarring? What was your experience?
  4. Thanks for reply angelinna! After the cyst I reverted back to a strict paleo diet. So I just eat meat and veggies and some root vegetables. So boring but that's the only diet my skin can tolerate. The good news is that the diet change is totally working. The bad news is it's so limited and my skin is still super oily and inflammed. But it's tolerable! Gonna try to stick it out another few months to see if it works!
  5. Hi everyone. So prior to spiro, I was getting cystic acne that I controlled with epiduo. That worked beautifully for a few months but I was still getting more shallow hormonal acne. My dermatologist put me on Spiro 25mg twice a day (so 50 mg daily I guess). I was still getting the hormonal acne and some small white heads...no big deal for me. I stopped spiro for a week after the second month (vacation...I forgot) and since then have been really consistent. ANYWAYS I'm about3.5 months in and my s