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  1. But, you gotta learn from the lesson, right? Don´t wait until it´s almost finished to order priority 2-3 days, cuz who knows what could happen? That happened to me too, I waited too long to order and I broke out life a mo´fo. Sucks though, but hey.
  2. ^I`m sure they`re already going through the same thing. There are people that are making them feel bad about it. You gotta learn from the experience and be a bigger man. If you feel like you get some internal pleasure about it, well...you just don`t have to let it be known, but I understand why you would feel a bit of pleasure in their pain. You sadist, you! lol They`re getting karma`ed, whattayagondo
  3. How much bp are you using? How many times a day?
  4. Is there much of a difference between ´eucerin skin renewal´ and ´eucerin face renewal alpha hydroxy´? I´ve been on the reg about 7 weeks and want to use it. Which one is considered better? Or is it virtually just the same thing?
  5. so true. I was thinking that same thing last night; if I put bp on where it should go, I´ll get a small one somewhere else trying to come out. Persistent little bastards huh. I don´t think there´s any scientific evidence that they ´adapt´, but it sure feels that way. But, they never last long, so I´m like, die punks die!
  6. Have you checked out the guys section in the reg? I think it mentions which shaving creams to use, which razor, etc. The ones recommended give the least amount of irritation.
  7. Oh, I`m so sorry the reg didn`t work for you avron!! But, I`m sure you will find something that helps. What have you tried so far to battle your acne? I`m not an expert, but maybe if you listed what you`ve done, what worked, what didn`t... maybe someone will see that and have an idea for you, maybe something you can try...
  8. Where are you residing?
  9. back off a bit with the bp if it´s burning like that. You´re starting off using too much, so you gotta use less for your skin to get used to it. Then you gradually increase, like the reg says.
  10. ^It sounds like it. I just had another one sent to me, and it came in the mail, just like that. No extra fees
  11. Cool, I didn`t know that (about gift vs. sample). So, it`s safe to assume that if i try and get more than 1 bottle at a time, I might have to pay int`l fees? Sucks, but worth it, the gel is the best. I`m actually braving it and going to Ottawa this weekend, it`s nice to have a clear face for all to see, you know?
  12. me too! montreal *waves* que lo que chica?
  13. I used to think that sweat caused acne (my acne first started after a basketball game), but now I`ve learned by coming here that it doesn`t. It`s different glands (sebaceous glands vs sweat glands). Sweat might build up on your face, but if you shower or wash your face after your workout, it should be okay. So, it doesn`t cause it, enjoy football practice!