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  1. FINALLY another person with duac! I went to the derm 2 months ago and he perscribed duac and retin a but the pharm didnt have it (it was too new) they gave me Benzaclin which is like pepsi combared to a coke (duac) PS thats what my derm said today! but i went today and he gave me samples of duac and that if i like it better than benzaclin to call and they would put in a pescription. he said that there are practically the same thing and i know that i like benzaclin-it really works to clear up the
  2. thanks everyone for ur replies! i go to the derm this thursday for a 2 month checkup! ill post and tell you guys what he says.
  3. Hey, I just wanted to know if these can be used at the same time (probably at night). Im not sure but i have been using retin a first, then dabbing benzaclin on my big inflamed pimples. is this ok?
  4. hey thanks a lot you guys, i really appreciate what you had to say. I am still working with the retin a and benzaclin and its doin ok. i think ill be alright. i mean, i thought about it, and i finally just said "hey, its just a skin problem. i am taking medicine for it and it should go away.l it doesnt make me hideous or disgusting, i just act like who i am. if people dont like it, i dont care what they think." i felt like 10 times better after i said this to myself. thanks jeff
  5. thanks for all your replies. i feel a little better now!
  6. This is what is happening: Im 13 and I have moderate acne. I went to the derm and he prescribed me BenzaClin for the mornings and Retin-A at night. I have been using it for about 5 weeks now. My face is kinda cleared up some, but I still have tons of blackheads and I still get new pimples. My face peels really bad, and if I touch it it'll peel prematurely and cause a huge red mark that lasts for a couple of days. Plus my face is RED! Like I have a sunburn that Wont Go AWAY! I dont know how long
  7. It should be ok as long as you are not mega-dosing with the b5. Just take a gram or two a day. I think that it does make a little difference but yeh have to take it for a long time like 2-3 months to see much of a difference. I got my bottle at my grocery store in the vitamin section. It wasnt really expensive like no more than 10 dollars if i remember right. I use the 500 mg tablets along with my prescriptions. Hope that helps!
  8. I felt the exact same way when I went to the dermatologist but w/out any make up (obviously cuz im a guy). But i was embarrassed that I DID have to go to a doctor because of my skin problem and i was angry that other people didnt have it to. But when I walked in there all I saw were like old people (I live in Florida and dermatology is a prime medical practice because of sun cancer, etc.). So I just sat down and read a magazine. But then when I was called in the nurse said "So what are we lookin
  9. finally another person who has redness while using a retin a product! I have retin a and it makes my face peel horribly and red. i use cetaphil moisturizer to help the peeling but i found out that for me i think i was applying too much. so i put a little less on and the redness so far has decreased some in intensity. so far its workin!
  10. I have been experincing really bad peeling when using retin a at night and benzaclin in the morning. Has anyone had problems like this?
  11. as a matter of fact yes! But that may be becuase of the Benzaclin helping along iwth it. I think that the combination has both helped my face. The peeling has started to subside, and I am overall about 70% clear! And it keeps gettin better all the time! I am really glad I went to the derm and Ill keep yeh posted!
  12. sry i havenet been posting a lo9t, butive been really busy. I have also gotten Benzaclin along with the Retin-A, and they seem to be working very well together. I have few pimples and you can hardly see the blackheads on my nose and face. I am not forming any new pimples! And with the benzaclin you can put it on the whiteheads and the pimples with pus on them and it will dry up in like 24 hours, so the next day its like you can peel the pimple off! But, one bad thing that has been happening is t
  13. hey i had the same problem. like when i have a really bad breakout, people would like stare at it and not into my eyes. but when i went on benzaclin and retin-a, and my face started to clear up a bit, people stared at my eyes, and it startled me, like it was really weird to know that someone is talking to you and not to your acne.
  14. oh and on the instructions it says it can bleach hair and clothing! just had to point that out
  15. I was supposed to get Duac Gel but the pharmacy didnt have it and couldnt get it cuz THEY DIDNT PAY THEIR BILL! eek! But the derm prescribed me BenzaClin which is the same thing. BP-5% and Clindamycin-1% Ill keep yeh posted!