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  1. I've tried a couple of different cleanser over the past couple of months but I'd like something that will reduce flakiness and remove dead skin as I see this as being one of my main problems. Can I use a AHA face wash while using Dans BP Gel. If so is there a brand that someone could recommend?? Thanks alot guys. This site has changed my life, no doubt!
  2. How do you use Jojoba when using using Dan's BP Gel and the Regimen?
  3. Hey Guys, I was having some trouble with flaking after starting with DKR BP as it is a little more drying than the Benzac I was previously using (no biggie cause DKR has gone my skin under control). I don't like using moisturisers cause my skin goes oily over the course of the day. So I did the following and I apologise cause I don't think it'll suit those with inflammed acne as it will most probably irritate them. I bought 12 soft cotton face washers. Washed them a couple of times before u
  4. I've always changed my pillow cases every second day. One day on one side and one day on the other. I have a shaved head so hair isn't much of a concern while sleeping but I had slept on my side and face first (tough I know but I'm still here to tell the story) for most of my life and I still had acne, sometimes terrible on me cheeks. So the other month I shifted, flat on my back, two arms underneath the pillow to stop myself from rolling over and it's helping huge amounts. HUGE AMOUNTS. Coupled
  5. That one is looking good. Any others? Thanks guys. P.S. Living in the Land of Oz, we don't always get the products needed. I might need to ask a favour somewhere down the track if anyone visits the post office on a regular basis. Thanks again...
  6. I've searched and searched but struggle to find a recommended sunscreen to use in conjunction with the regimen. With any luck DKR will nut out a suitable spf in the near future but for the moment some brands to try would be great. Is an AHA SPF lotion the best option? My pores seem to clog with ease from certain products so with any luck, someone with the same kinda skin may be able to offer advice, hopefully the man himself...Dan? P.S. Sorry for posting/asking the same questions as many