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  1. weekly update: OFF the bactrim, OFF the tretinoin, ON the BP!! NO gluten, NO dairy. gentle cleanser + BP + SPF 15 moisturizer + hydroquinone SA, BHA, and olay mask as needed (about 2x week)
  2. oh yeah - still gluten free! have almost completely cut out dairy, but it's hard to avoid. gonna start alternating between BP and tretinoin.
  3. I actually eat a lot of fruit, but I've found that what i *don't* eat matters more than what i *do* eat No new breakouts in the past week... the cyst i got 2 weeks ago is still recovering. same regimen, but i do want to wean myself off the bactrim. i think i'll go down to taking it every other day this week. i LOVE oil of olay cleansing mask!! i had a few blackheads yesterday and it cleaned them all out
  4. i'm on antibiotics and i still sometimes get pores blocked by oil. but since bacteria don't grow and cause the blockage to become inflamed, the oil usually dissipates in a few days and the pore clears up by itself.
  5. wow, i'm surprised to read these posts, because my skin cleared up days after starting bactrim... as soon as i stopped though, i started getting cysts. (by "cleared up", i mean no more inflammations. i still have a few clogged pores here and there, but they are small and not too bad)
  6. +1!! MAN i wish i had read this post 2 weeks ago!! i was on bactrim for 1.5 months, and then got sick and was too busy battling the flu to take it, so i just stopped... a week and a half later, cystic acne came back! DARN.
  7. ARGH!!! Last week I went back on bactrim because i was paranoid. i am currently out of town for the week and forgot to bring my salicylic acid and my oil of olay mask. oh well, i guess i'll give my skin a rest. two days ago, a big ol' cyst sprouted on my chin!! it's really red and inflamed right now because i can't stop poking at it. I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!! i've been absolutely gluten-free. i've been eating dairy - could THAT be it??? i am UNBELIEVABLY frustrated. i didn't think i would get anym
  8. that bump did turn into a cyst but i popped it and it went away. last week i was so sick i stayed in bed the whole time. ate very little, so i guess my diet was clean, ha. no breakouts or bumps or anything. didn't take any bactrim (too busy taking aspirin). gonna stay off bactrim since it's been a week. didn't really wash my face much or do any of my regimen last week, but i guess being in bed all day with a fever is good for my skin.
  9. hmm that bump i mentioned went away by itself i guess. i completely forgot about it. had a few blackheads last week from eating bad foods, but i think the olay clay mask cleaned them out. still on the same regimen. painful red bump on my chin (probably because i forgot to take bactrim on saturday). i wonder if it will develop into something bad, or just go away. i'm annoyed that i am apparently still dependent on bactrim.
  10. Went almost a whole week gluten-free (no oats either). Probably eating more sugar than is good for me, but i don't think that bothers my skin. no new breakouts. squeezed a blackhead out of my forehead - not sure how long that had been in there, but it's gone now, HA. really screwed up yesterday by eating pizza and bagels, so i'm waiting to see the effects this week... scaling back on the products i use: AM: SPF15 oil of olay, gentle cleanser PM: SA cleanser, hydroquinone 4% every other nigh
  11. It's been 9 days! The changes make it feel like it has been longer. I have gone for one week with no gluten (except for minor slip-ups). I wanted to cut out all refined sugars, but I probably ended up taking in more sugar because I am so limited on what carbs I can have. oh yeah - i'm also vegetarian. i hate dairy and eggs so i might as well be vegan. The result: I had two blemishes early on, but they were from bumps that had been festering under my skin for awhile, and they finally surfaced
  12. It did nothing for my scarring as well, although it made my skin softer. IMO, it is a bad idea for acne-prone skin. if you have large-ish pores, the little dermabrasion beads can get pushed into the pores, resulting in a bad clog and a big pimple. professional systems use a vacuum device to suck the crystalline beads back up so they don't get lodged in your pores.
  13. i still don't really like how harsh and irritating the obagi products are, but i must admit, they do make scars fade. and after the nastiness my face has gone through the past few months, i have ugly brown acne scars all over my face. so i'm going to keep using obagi until my scars have faded. i might also incorporate occasional salicylic acid peels (i have the neutrogena advanced solutions face peel) and oil of olay deep cleansing clay mask, since i happen to have them on hand. whew!! that is