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  1. Hey there! Im still on the doxy. Some of the nodular things from last weeks breakout are still coming to the surface (alot slower now) while the others popped over the weekend and are just red spots or scars now. Asking the derm on friday if they think this bizzarre breakout was from the probiotic or doxy and if i should continue using doxy (since its only been 1 month). The coating of the probiotic has vegetable fiber and water. It has 12 strands which I read are some of the main ones.
  2. Hey all, Been an acne sufferer for over 15 years (about to turn 30). Been on every perscription, accutane 3 times, and have been taking .05% retina nightly for the past several years with the acne.org bp every morning. Recently been getting more nodular acne and the current probiotic I took for 1.5 months wasnt doing anything (it was 10 bil units, 2 strands, and i overlooked the refridge statement so they could have been dead for all I knew). Decided to give Doxycyclin another try. 2 w