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  1. I used aquaphor and warmed it up before applying ! I also think I used lanolin. I couldn’t apply anything in a solid substance but I needed something that provided a protective barrier so that I could smile and talk and not allow my lips to touch Warmed it up between fingers
  2. @FrancescaBS hi ! I’m not sure if this is too late but nothing really helped. I lowered my dosage from 60 to 40 and my lips were way more tolerable. It was A BREEZE after !! Just lower your dose and power through it’s worth it !
  3. Update - they’re still not healed. Still scaly and flaky.
  4. Just thought I’d update just in case anyone else had this issue. I used neosporin on my lips which I have used for several years prior to accutane. Because your skin becomes more delicate and absorbs a higher percentage of product.. I developed contact dermatitis and had a severe allergic reaction all around my lips where I placed it. (Could’ve been the hydrocortisone I’m staying away from that too but my derm said it was the neosporin most likely) I was prescribed anti inflammatory steroids and
  5. SOO.. my lips began to become pink again and feel better.. and today 2 days later they began to peel again. Wtf is this.. I have blisters all around the rim of my lips. What is going on.. why am I the only person this happened to lmao wtf.
  6. Attached are photos from the very first moment I noticed them beginning to peel or become red. Then followed by the peeling photos I already sent above and then more recent photos of my lips at their current state. (So sorry for the DISGUSTING photos.. I know they’re up close and personal and flash doesn’t help ahahah)
  7. @Lacnez Thanks for replying to me. Yes, they have SPF 15 and i applied it ALOT. I know that’s not much but I also stay out of the sun I work inside all day and then get home late so I’m at work, in my car, and then at home. what did you do to help your lips recover ? How long did it take? I just started so this is pretty annoying and uncomfortable. I dont think I can put up with this for a month let alone 4-6 more !
  8. This is when my lips began to peel Hi! Im on a week and a day of accutane (generic brand)... and the first layer of my lips just peeled off ! Like completely... my lips are BLOOD BRIGHT RED and swollen... I feel like this is even worse than super dry chapped lips? I have tried a million chapsticks Dr dans.. everything. My derm even prescribed me 2% cortisone.. but I think he thought my lips were dry because they aren’t flaky or peeling anymore they are just super uncomfortable and it’s h