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  1. Oh Lionheart, looks to me like maybe you could use a little prozac. A little angry, are ya?
  2. Caroline, I'm so impressed with your discipline. Good for you! I went carb crazy today-ravioli, breads, sweets, cheerios. I had a stressful day and I'm getting my "friend". I'm going to get rid of all bad stuff I have around the house and starting fresh tommorow. Have you lost weight as well? A while ago I did a similar regimen for two weeks and dropped about 7 pounds and felt like a superstar. I'm starting first thing tomorrow no excuses or cheating and I'll post in one week. By the way, do you
  3. I have an annoying eye problem as well, I don't think its dry eye, but my eyelids get swelled up. Its a recurring thing. I'm thinking the bp is getting near my eye area or maybe I'm rubbing my eyes during the night unaware to the point they get irritated. I'm on the b5 too, maybe that has something to do with it because its drying my skin. Anybody else have this or know anything about it? I don't have any pain or redness inside my eye, just my eyelids. I haven't been wearing any makeup either. M
  4. I think it has to do with your body's ability to absorb the vitamin. If you take vitamins on an empty stomach, especially water soluble ones then they pass too quickly in your urine. I take my vitamins after I eat, not before. It also decreases the likelihood of cramps/discomfort or heartburn that sometimes can occur. FYI, never lie down immediately after taking vitamins or especially antibiotics. I did once and had the worst heartburn for days . Hope this helps. Good luck!
  5. For me, 7th grade and kept on being mild until I reached my 20's. Then the fun started.
  6. Beware of antibiotic crap. I was pretty good while I was on it and my derm said the same exact thing so i went off everything and used only topicals. well, it was the worst reccurance I've ever had in my life. I broke out in every possible area of my face my chin, my neck, inside my eyebrows!!! Antibiotics screwed me up with the stupid side effects (constant stomach pain and even stained my teeth) and my face exploded within a week of being off them. I was on for 3 years. What a mistake and a wa
  7. Hey mercury, I went with evolution X. I'm on my 2nd bottle. I originally tried vitacure powder (not capsule, big mistake) -it was super disgusting-gross-puke :sad: and I couldn't drink it. I think evolution's has the vitamin b complex already in it, whereas vitacure just has the b-5, but I'm not 100% sure. good luck! Did you read the pinned topic above, it has alot of info.
  8. I'm on my second bottle and have noticed much improvement. Other than neon piss, I don't have many side effects...So far, so good, so I'm going to stick with it and see after 3 months. good luck to you.
  9. Girl3900, don't waste your time comparing yourself. I do it all the time and it gets me nowhere. Its a trap because they'll always be room for defeat. People have a range of problems, some you can't even see, some you can. They are not necessarily better off. Also people believe what they choose regardless of reality. To you and me, he's alright, but to him he actually thinks he's ugly. same pain.
  10. I don't trust derms. Every single ones been wrong and I spent a ton on visits and meds for nothing. My acne got worse than ever after I got off the antibiotics and was on the verge of accutane. I left my last derm appt in tears and never went back... w.mitty threads a pisser, check it out.
  11. You look just fine. Anyone else call you ugly just lift your finger, the middle one.
  12. Vince, I know you'd like to end this thread (I don't blame you) I just want to say thanks for having the courage to go through your ordeal this way when you could've never posted your picture or story. Your helping alot people by showing a ton of strength even if things suck right now. You seem like a passionate, charismatic guy I'd be honored to know. Your's was the story that inspired me to even join this org. So thanks again, and don't let anything or anyone kill your spirit. And P.acne, try
  13. I'm also using bare minerals and although it gives me fair coverage, sometimes it looks oddly shiny. The first week I tried it I must of overdone it and someone in an elevator asked me if I was alright. She said, "hon, are you feeling all right?! you look awfuly hot, your sweating..." WELL, I wasn't hot and I wasn't sweating, just embarrassed 'cause I knew the bm gave me such a freakish glow that it sparked a stranger's concern. (I use very little now.) Bare minerals has also grown irritating
  14. Aloe plants can be kept indoors all year round. I have two in moderate sun right on my window sill. They aren't the prettiest plants, they kind of droop no matter what but if you don't overwater them they get thick with plenty of aloe in just a small piece. I tried it all over my face for a couple of hours last week and it didn't do any harm, but I don't know that it did much else. By the way, i'll be in the SF bay area very soon. I hear the weather's real nice, and I could bring you an aloe pl