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  1. man your blackheads arent bad at all... thats how my skin looks at its BEST using script meds
  2. who knows.. but ive been using jojoba oil for about a week. i noticed i looked MUCH less oily than normal (less so than i have in years-).. but when i blot the amount of oil on the paper is the same (sometimes slightly less). i think the key to getting it to mattify your skin is applying it to a damp (not dry) face & not using too much. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/correct-j...il-t221275.html
  3. ice works great for me... i hold the corner of an icecube gently, but directly on (not a bag one face) either a freshly popped pimple or when i see one forming.. 1-2 minutes at most per lesion, twice per day. its not an instant cure by any means but it significantly reduces the amount of time the pimple remains active... turns a 2 week pimple into a 2 day pimple for me in most cases
  4. I have found, and have heard others say, that jojoba oil leaves quite a shine and doesn't totally sink in when applied to a dry face... The trick to getting it to sink in totally is to apply it to a DAMP face... This. Causes it to completely sink in and totally eliminates the crisco like shine and let's me wear it during the day... So far it seems to be evening out my skintone and reducing my oil production (and I'm super oily so this is a miracle) After I cleanse I dry my face off, then mist
  5. they said it was 8.9... what is ideal? i used it twice on my face yesterday, and today its broken out into quite a few inflammatory spots which is odd. wont be using it on my face anymore.
  6. i have weird skin. its oily but very sensitive... moisturizer definitely increases my oil production significantly for about 12 hours. bha/aha also significantly increase my oil production... as does tazorac (which is why i only use it every 3rd day) i'll email them and ask. what determent is there to using a high PH soap? it has cleared my back by about 80% in less than a week.. its pretty amazing.
  7. let me just start this post off by saying i have -extremely- oily skin and congested pores... i usually blot once every hour... mostly non inflammatory acne, very slight inflammatory acne The polyol-soluble licorice extract used in this test is commercially called Licochalcon... its the main ingredient in eucerin's redness relief. I went out and picked up a bottle of eucerin redness relief (moisture lotion, not the green tinted perfecting lotion) and have been using it for about 3-4 days... im
  8. i know most moisturizers SAY they are noncomedogenic, but apparently a lot of the waxes used can become comedogenic under certain conditions... like high humidty, or the high heat generated during exercise. so far i have not been able to find a SINGLE moisturizer that didnt contain atleast one of these ingredients http://facerealityskincare.com/img/Pore%20...Skin%20Care.pdf http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/acnedetect.htm#inglist http://www.dermadoctor.com/pages/newsletter158.asp
  9. i think i may have overdone it with the mandelic? i got a nucelle sample pack which had both 10% and 15%... i used the 10% for like 3 or 4 days, then i moved up to the 15%. after a few days on the 15% my blackheads were reduced by 80%, another few days and my oiliness was reduced by 80%... my skin was better than it had ever been, but after about a week my skin started to flake a little... i put some on the same night it started to flake and it BURNED. the next day i was flaking pretty bad, s
  10. can you recomend a glycolic toner? what are you using now btw? still on taz?
  11. i already use a good quality moisturizer by la roche posay... i dont think its the taz drying me out... its directly related to the taz itself... l ets say: monday night i dont use taz, tuesday im normal and tuesday night i use taz, wednesday im a grease ball i thought you couldnt use AHA/BHA with tazorac?
  12. has anyone experienced tazorac making them MORE oily? im using 0.5% cream at night, and the next day my face is like a swamp. i swear my skin is usually pretty oily, but tazorac is making it RIDICULOUS.. i would say its doubled to trippled the oil production. does this go away, is this normal?
  13. my derm put me on taz(.05% cream) for oil/congested skin... no real inflammatory acne. can i use the asprin mask while using taz? should it be used on alternating days etc ?
  14. my derm just prescribes me taz .05% cream for my super oily skin... she said i didnt need to put on a moisturizer before i put on the taz, but tazorac.com says you should always put moisturizer on... and the insert that came with the tube said to put the moisturizer on an HOUR before the taz. im using avene clear-ac moisturizer btw... opinions?