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  1. First of all, happy to hear that someone in a similar situation as me has been able to improve, and good luck with further improvement. I am already quite consistent with keeping a good hygiene and such, but I'll definitely get even stricter. I have a few questions if you don't mind answering You use the cleanser at night, right? how often should I moisturize? Does the spf moisturizer replace sunscreen, even in the summertime, and does it matter much which one I choose, as my derm has recommen
  2. Thanks for the thorough information, I just did some research on dr. Emil and I'll consider visiting him in the future. I will definitely inform my derm about laser being the wrong treatment for me to start with and cancel it. I assume that effaclar duo + contains BP, and therefor I should switch to retin-a instead? (btw, is that something I need a prescription for, or can I just go ahead and buy it?) I'll look into the manual things I can do at home and try start subcision treatment when I
  3. Thank you very much for the input! I do have a few questions about your adviced treatment plan if you don't mind answering. Do you think laser is that poor in my case that I should just cancel it, or should I continue it in addition to the treatment you recommended? Im also very new to this forum so im a bit unsure about what all those things are, so where can I get those treatments? Are they commonly found in private clinics, or do I probably need to travel outside Norway to find a doctor who
  4. So I went on an accutane cure when I was 16 due to severe acne and it got rid of most of my acne. However afterwards I was left with a lot of scars on my face, especially in the temple and forehead area. My dermatologist had me wait a year before laser treatment, and now I've completed 1 out of 3 treatments (6 months between each treatment) with co2 fractional laser. I am now 18 years old and the scars haven't really improved all that much. I know it's a lenghty process but I just feel like the