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  1. Hey guys... Well good news: though it hasn't closed up completely, it's gotten a lot better. I didn't do much to it, but I did put some tea tree oil on the areas around it. It's much much less noticeable now. I agree with you guys--it probably will never close up--but it's at a point where I'm probably not going to stress too much over it.
  2. Thanks for the advice (I guess?). I was wondering more whether or not the hole would ever close up. It'll never close up fully. If it does, it'll be back, for some reason. Oh darn....Thanks for the feedback though.
  3. Thanks for the advice (I guess?). I was wondering more whether or not the hole would ever close up.
  4. Hi everyone... I had a clogged pore on the side of my nose and it's been there for some time. So in a feat of great stupidity, I actually pulled it out this morning. It didn't hurt or anything but its left this little red indent or hole in my nose....I'm really worried that this is going to scar and leave a permanent hole in my nose. I've pulled clogged pores out of my nose before but not ones that were this big... Advice? Has this happened to anyone else before?
  5. Hi guys! So a few days ago I got a papule on the side of my head. It was pretty small and I thought it'd go away in a couple days. I used differin on it at night and now, it's no longer infected (doesn't hurt anymore) but the bump is still there. It's been almost a week and it hasn't really gone down (too much.) Is it possible that it's a raised scar? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi guys! I started using differin gel (0.1) after a horrible breakout in Taiwan approximately 8 months ago. I just wanted to know--for those of you guys who have used/are using differin, what do you guys think of it? For me, it seems to be super effective for small pimples, but really doesn't help prevent pimples or shrink really large papules/pustules... Thanks for any help!
  7. Do they leave holes or anything after you pick them out? I'm always afraid to...but I'm afraid leaving them in will enlarge my pores or something...
  8. It looks to me like a pustule or papule. Usually (at least in my past experiences), papules and pustules are really annoying and look a lot more serious than clogged pores but also go away pretty quickly. Whenever I have a pustule (so with pus in it) I popped it after the pustule fully comes to head. They always say not to pop your pimples, but if done correctly, the pustule dries up a lot faster (without all the pus inside).
  9. Hi everybody! In the creases of my nose, I noticed that I have what looks like these tiny white flecks. After reading this post http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...l=clogged+pores by sickxcy I think what I have is clogged pores. It looks the same as what sickxcy has in his/her pictures except it's near my nose. I'm a little confused about what to do with them..The last time I had some near my nose, I just waited it out to see if the 'white flecks' would fall out on their own--they
  10. Thanks everyone for the help! It still hurts like crazy but hopefully it'll go away soon.
  11. Thanks for the help guys! There's just one other thing I'm a little confused about..
  12. Thanks for taking the time to help! I'm really hoping it's not a cyst. Maybe it's a nodule...):
  13. I definitely do...And worrying has taught me that being grateful doesn't help much. The other day I was thanking life for not giving me acne on the side of my face and then the next day I got a pimple there...But yes, I do worry a lot. ):
  14. I don't think acne is even really an issue...As long as the personality is right there should be no problem. But maybe I'm just being too idealistic.