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  1. Hey Maxzide, I’m going to have the SAME procedure with the same doctor this coming Thursday as well. Do you think you’ll be able to go back to work tomorrow? My plan was to take Thursday and Friday off and return back on Monday
  2. Thanks for your reply! I’ve researched again and you’re right it IS hard to find someone who does subcision. I know Dr. Emer does but for whatever reason he gives me the creeps lol. I’ll call Dr. Rullan’s ofdice hopefully they can do a Skype or email consultation. Just a few questions ... when you say sculptra is effective for mass filling do you mean it’s okay for only my rolling / large boxcars or is it okay to use for pretty much all over my scarred areas? Hopefully if I go to Rullan he
  3. I believe I have small boxcar scars and ice picks so my guess is to alternate TCA cross and needling. I've already used the derminator 5 times but haven't seen a difference I'm just wondering what else I can do to improve my scars - maybe I should try subcision and/or filler too? Also, if anyone has recommendations for doctors in Los Angeles that'd be great. I found one doctor that has good before and after results for TCA cross but each session would be ~$500 and that's pretty pricey! I kn