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  1. I would say within the first two months is when it cleared up then as I upped my dosage it broke out again, pushing more and more out. I had blackheads on my nose that took several months more but eventually they all just fell out one by one like a scab coming off a healed wound. that took the longest to clear up but as for acne it was probably all clear within about 3 months with blackheads being clear around 4-5months. It does take time but even with all the dryness that I had to experience (e
  2. Just though I would chime in as I just came off Isotretinion. So I was on 10mg/day for 2 months then 20mg/day for 8 and a half months (which I just finished 1 month ago). I'm 21 and weigh only 57KG so that dosage for me I think worked well considering in some situations I would get bleeding eyes around the tear ducts, any more like 30mg and I'd think that would be unbearable. For the most part I had two breakouts. The first within the first week of the 10mg and the second within about the same