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  1. UPDATE - 1.5 yrs later.... Before I start, I just wanna truly thank every single person that posted in thread. I actually mean it. I read every single post. It helped during that time I was feeling like shit. I read these posts and I would sit there with a smile on my face. So after she broke up with me, I started going out more to get her off my mind. Went on vacation, went out every weekend. Still had acne/scars though, but I tried to act like I didn't. I forced myself to go out ins
  2. Hey guys, my internet and cable were cut off till now, so I'm a bit late to replying.. thanks a lot to everyone, the advice and words helped me felt better since I can't exactly talk to anyone in person about this. damn sorry you had to go through that but I can kind of understand where you're coming from about the parent thing. My own mother and relatives used to give me shit about my skin all the time saying that it's my fault for looking like shit. lol hopefully karma's a bitch to her a
  3. I'd go out during the day under the damn sun for once.
  4. I've noticed this a lot too. I'd never make fun of someone's condition, even before I had acne. and yet I see people with clear skin just rip on me and others because of acne. I have the same problem with family and friends...I haven't gone to school in years and they keep badgering me about why. Then I'll tell them that it's because of my acne and they think that I'm stupid for dropping out. If only they knew how it felt to walk around with huge cysts and scars on their faces...
  5. Well... just found out she's going out with someone since yesterday. fuckin blows. I don't know why it still hurts but it does. Oh and yes hes got clear skin lol..
  6. damn worst present ever Happy belated though
  7. Yeah that's true, a lot seem cool at first till you get to really know them lol. n yeah hopefullly one day Sucks how I helped her through the hardest part of her life....spent enough time, money, support n then it ends because of acne. Acne. I can't fucking believe it sometimes. Acne. Thanks Thomas and everyone else that replied...it boosted my mood tenfold.
  8. Thanks. She's like it was one of the main reasons. Apparently she hated my "greasy" and scarred face. Everytime we went out together I would tell her I have to go to the washroom and then I'd wipe the oil off my face. lol so embarassing but I didn't let her know my acne affected me. We weren't together for thaat long but damn the things we went through together... She had no idea acne affected me. Whenever she would ask about it I would play it off and act like my acne was nothing to me
  9. Yeah but even that's a problem. I cant get any girls to have on the go lol.. Thanks man, means a lot. Well I'm not sure, shes says it bothered her from the beginning but she stuck with it. Also, she's kinda the type of person to listen to other people, rather than make decisions for herself. Not sure if a couple of her friends were hating on me because of my acne/scars. and because of that she then felt embarassed hanging around and being with me? I don't know...sounds childish but I don'
  10. Wow I wasn't really expecting it. She just blew up on me brought up a couple of reasons and one of the main being my acne/scars and how she thinks it's gross and a turn off, especially when she kisses me on the cheek. I honestly didn't expect that from her, shes never brought it up in our entire relationship..I guess she just held that bit in till now. I have to admit there were a couple of times where I avoided hanging out with her during the day because of my face. I made up excuses to not han
  11. I'm exactly the same and then I feel bad after It sucks..
  12. I get a lot of it on my arms and shoulders too, then it leaves a mark after the pimple's gone worst part is...the hyper pigmentation doesn't go away
  13. I tried this...I poked a vit E pill open and put the oil onto my scars on my right cheek...broke out like mad on that cheek I never put it on topically again It may work for some people but it didn't for me
  14. I know how you feel man, I was supposed to graduate 2 years ago. I've been suffering with acne for 6 years but in the last 2 years its gotten a lott worse. So I dropped out of school hoping I would clear up but it never happened, it just got worse. Now, 2 years later, I'm fucked. My acne's still the same and Ive forgotten pretty much everything I've learned in school, now I have no idea how Im going to relearn everything and get into a college with high marks.
  15. Where can you buy these sheets? and what are they called exactly?
  16. Ice made the area around the cyst turn red and the cyst got bigger I put it in a papertowel and gently put it on the cyst for one minute on and 5 min off... Anyone know why?
  17. I just started septra too about 2 weeks ago. I didnt get much of a initial breakout though, maybe just a few pimples. Im on 800/160MG what about you?