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  1. Hi MaddieJuliet, I started my Doxycycline treatment on July 3, 2012. I am also on the 100mg day and night rituaI. In the beginning I was always feeling sick but I got over it. There are many junk things about antibiotics but I really sincerely do hope that this works for you. Let me tell you a bit about what I've experienced so far in hope of giving you some kind of inspiration. Its been a little over 2 months and during that time I have had some break outs. 1 cyst on both sides of my j
  2. I've been on Dan's regimen for a few years now. I had cystic acne around my jaw and temple area. What worked BEST for me was that I noticed if I used the full 2 pumps that Dan recommends, then my skin gets extremely irritating. I used about 1 pump for my entire face or just enough to create a nice thin film over my face. Then I would moisturize. FInd the right balance for your skin and lifestyle, this is extremely important. This took about 3 month before I saw the results that I wanted.
  3. You have beautiful skin! Stay strong and keep doing what you're doing! I don't use the Jojoba oil unless my skin is ULTRA dry... I notice that I breakout when I habitually use jojoba oil. I just use it for that extra and instant moisture boost. Have you thought about washing your face at work and apply your makeup there? Just to avoid the potential irritation that the heat of the subway will bring?
  4. Go for it dude! I do agree with everyone else. When times get bad and the regimen might seem to fail you. But in the end you will prevail. It took my face 6 months to get clear! I've been searching for years for a product that offered true results, no scams or phonies. You've found it!
  5. Zeno didn't workout for me I had to return it (200$) . DKR worked. I love this product! I'm going to order my sister some, she'll love me for it!
  6. I agree with rg, my skin got flaky and dry when using BP. It still does get dry when I forget to put on moisturizer but not flaky anymore. Remember let the BP Dry for about 10 minutes after gently applying it. Try spending less time applying BP and more time applying moisturizer so it really is massaged into your skin. It's been 8 months since I've been on the Regimen and I had 1 pimple since November!
  7. It took about 5 months for me to become acne free, my skin feels great! I wish I found this years ago. I give my acne a 6 on how bad it was...
  8. Hey, the only way to findout is try applying twice a day, but make sure they are atleast 10 hours apart because you dont want to irritate your face. I noticed without the moisturizer my cheeks were very flaky but it could be a bad thing and clog my pores. Im not sure how other brand moisturizers work but I used Dan's. By the way in the beginning of my regimen I still had acne and over the first 2 months I stll had acne while using this product, BUT dont be alarmed thats the rest of your skins
  9. Hey everyone I purchased Dan's regimen in august of 2007. I was hesitant to carryout this regimen because it required me to do this for 3-4 months, and I WANTED SOMETHING INSTANT.... I've had acne for about 7 years which made my teenage life pretty depressing. I was always on the search for an instant or 1 week cure..... I've tried every topical product and vitamin cleansing thing out there... BUT NOTHING WORKED So one day I said screw it! I'm going to purchase Dan's regimen, and so I did.