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  1. Gracie- Please be aware that you are a very striking woman! Beautiful! Okay? Just soak that in....alright? No one sees your scarring (which is minute!) or your minor breakouts. So please, please, please, focus on sending yourself positive messages of love rather than ego messages of shame! Love yourself girl!!!!!!!!

    1. IDK if you're going to read this, BUT I really want you to pursue your writing always. You have a gift so keep at it girl!!!!!!!

      1. Hey! Send me a message please I believe if you get on the Nutrition & Holistic Forum you can find help. Fish Oil, Vit A, Zinc, dietary changes, and fiber/enemas are great for the skin

        1. That's too long. This antibiotic isn't working on you IMHO. You should've started to see improvement within 2 weeks. Still, if your derm says give it more time (a month? 2?) then I'd continue on until that time. But the level at which you're taking it suggests to me that it's not going to have any effect. I'd suggest Nutrition and Holistic Forum. Good luck, keep trying different things, diet, exercise, fiber etc..
        2. It's your diet and bowel regularity most likely. The nutrition and Holistic Forum can help you out immensely. Get on there and find your answers. After suffering from the same type and trying for years and years to eradicate it, I finally found the org a couple of years ago, and it's been great. There's so much info on here, but I MUST tell you that diet, fiber, exercise, water intake will absolutely do a ton for you as far as your acne. You'll be surprised. Text me if any questions.
        3. Well then Happy Holidays Gracie!!!!!!!!!!! U deserve it girl! Stay strong and positive, keep smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!! & Happy New Year to all! Remember a New Year brings new opportunities!!!!!!!!!!!
        4. Hi Dotty! HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        5. AHA's work deep down below your skin, as well as above so there MIGHT be some purging initially, but in my case there wasn't and the AHA lotion works really well. Mine is actually listed as a "wrinkle cream" LOL, but I use it for my acne. The great thing is it only takes a little and lasts about a year, which for $10 U.S. is a really good deal. You can also buy it online. Good luck everyone and keep searching for your answers if what you're doing is not working..... try something different
        6. There's also other derms who use different anti inflammatory injections. I've seen more than one derm in my lifetime. Different ones do different things and use different drugs.
        7. I'd suggest getting on the Nutrition/Holistic Forum and trying to find out through diet and other means-supplements, etc. what you can do to help your skin. I think there's answers out there for you, but your looking in the wrong place. I know, I went through a similar struggle like you did and now my acne is 95% clear.
        8. Hey! I think you've made progress so give yourself some credit girl for keeping at it and some success. Try and be grateful and work through your feelings at the same time--balance out your self and your life. Remind yourself when you start feeling low or out of sorts about anything (including your skin) that you're going to make it through it and it's only growth. You're a lot stronger than you know Gracie! I struggle with my bowel movements and they are still not regular. When you evacu
        9. I actually read about this in another post by Noellesmama, the Levulan sticks used were a bad batch and 3-4 other patients called to say they had no effect on them either. So they were all credited and went back in to get new treatments. So maybe that's it, other than that I've rarely heard of this happenning but if you go to the reviews on this therapy there may be one listed. I'm considering this treatment as well.
        10. This is interesting, I hope it leads somewhere for you Gracieb. Please keep us posted. Something I wanted to suggest was a Thermaclear handheld acne device (heats the bacteria breaking it down) or it's competitor the Zeno. By all the comparisons I've seen the Thermaclear beats the Zeno as far as price and upkeep. In the U.S. it's around $150, google it and you might find it on sale for $100. I bought one recently, WTF I've tried everything else and I noticed it helped heal mild/moderate
        11. I'd ask your derm about it, or did you already?
        12. Carmen-Thank you so much for your kind comment and great personality/sense of humor! I'm glad you let yourself shine and be seen by others! You're an angel, don't stop growing or loving! You're on the right track girl. Keep smilin'! Ciao