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  1. I've been using egg for clearing acne. And its working. Why? I know I should be happy somethings finaly working but I got to know why. Why is this working for me and everything eles I've tried did not. What is this doing that the others where not able to do for my skin? Is there some scientific way to explain why its working?
  2. Try using an egg. Break it and then apply to face. Let it dry and wash it off. Do it for a month
  3. Personally I don't its a great idea to try all these chemicals. You could try the egg method becuase its natural. Break an egg and put on face. Let it dry and wash off.
  4. Well, you could focus that area longer then then usual with what is working for you
  5. Well, you could try egg facial. That works, at least for me. Break an egg and put on face.
  6. why not pick them? Mine are like little rocks stock in a hole. if I pick them they just fall out
  7. I don't really know. I don't smoke
  8. I'm wondering, what if I just wash my face and moisturize everyday, WITHOUT benzoyl peroxide being involved. Will this help with my acne? Has anyone tried this? For face wash I use Noxzema: Deep Cleansing Cream Original For moisturizer I use Dove Sensitive Skin Facial Lotion In my option I have not seen any improvement that is noticeable, but my skin does feel a whole not smoother and...I love how it feels Has anyone tried this method, just washing and moisturizing without using BP.
  9. No im not from the UK, thanks for the information though.
  10. Too many times, I've asked,"why me..why in the world me?!!". But what can we do, we can only live with its and just wait till its tired of us. I wish the constant reminder of having acne was not their. If their was one wish that I had it would be that I would not see the acne, it wouldn't matter if everyone else seen it, I just want for me to not see it =p