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  1. I wasn't implying anything, I just remember my acne being worse when I was dieting, probably an individual thing.
  2. Is there any link between high levels of Ghrelin and acne? I can't find much info on this.
  3. I may be incorrect but individuals of mesocephalic and dolichocephalic head shapes seem to be more prone to acne than brachycephalic individuals, I don't have any data to support this, it's just based on personal observations. http://www.reference.com/browse/wiki/Cephalic_index
  4. Okay then, but can I put the moisturizer and cleanser to any good use? anyways, thanks for the info, i assumed that redmarks were just a less severe form of acne.
  5. 5 days, my skin has stopped being prone to dryness so I think it's pretty safe. I ordered the 2 month package from acne.org
  6. I was on Isotretinoin(accutane) for 4 months It completely cleared everything with the exception of the localised red pigmentation, it's not very noticeable but want it removed. How good is the regimen in this respect?
  7. My acne went from moderate to severe in november last year, so I decided to take the strongest measures since it just doesn't give up, I've tried antibiotics and all sorts of topical products without satisfying result. I received Decutan from the derm(similar to Accutane) i'm taking 40mg a day. I was wondering if I should avoid foods that are high in Vitamin A(such as carrots)?
  8. Com'on now. Patience is the best medicine for acne. Studies have showed that after only 12 weeks on healthy diets large improvements start to show up and this of course works great in combination with topical products. You just have to play the waiting game, the rest takes care of itself.
  9. There is this social group at work. It's that type of group that belongs to the "dude" or "bro" subculture, It consists mostly of very superficial, trend-following and conformist losers. I only have to be near them during lunch time and last Friday they were discussing some lame parties they would be going to over the weekend. I was about to leave the room when one of them said to me: "Maybe you can come with us sometime if your zits clear up" with a noticeably mocking tone of voice. I turned ar
  10. Anyone tried this and got the desired results?
  11. I'll recommence my jogging, thanks for the profound input.
  12. Come to think of it, Athletes have a very crystal clear skin. But perhaps that's because they diet primarily on healthy foods rather than their exercise? or maybe a combination of both?
  13. Good to know that it contributes to acne reduction but my pimples are usually more visible after a hot shower or contact with steam, is that just a natural reaction or what?
  14. I know working out can help coping with stress. But It improves general health does that not include skin health? or what?