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  1. Ahhhhh, I can't believe how much your skin has improved! It looks amazing now!

  2. ur skin looksss graeattt!! hahaa my misspellings ..uhhh POST UR PICTURES INTHE SUCCESS STORIES!! ull be a big inspiration ofcourse dont forget to right it was one year later but awesome anyways!!!


  3. Hi!!! I was on the regimen for 2 months and my skin improved!! You can look my gallery! Thank you for an advice! How are you? how is your skin?

  4. Hey do you put your make up over the bp? and at night wash it off and reapply?

  5. Hey fleurdelis (you from the south??), Yes, I've used makeup... personally it was not a problem. I suppose it may have slowed my progress (I'll never know for sure), but don't let it stop you. Obviously, use as little as you feel comfortable with, and definitely use quality non comedogenic products. I used Revlon ColorStay and never had an issue. Initially I used tons of it and went through a lot of it (it took me 30 minutes every day to do my face in the morning--excluding eye makeup!--and I
  6. Hello there! Just wanted to say that you are absolutely gorgeous and major kudos for how far you've come!! You look great!!!

  7. uhh, I wouldn't try it. A small amount may work, I've heard that before too, but I had a horrible experience with it some years back. I put a pea-sized smudge of it on a pimple before bed and woke up the next day with a huge red scab on that area. I mean, a scab as in the kind you get when you scrape your knee. It was bizarre! The scab wasn't as large as a dime, but about halfway between a dime and a pencil eraser head. It lasted for weeks and the scar for the better part of a year. Maybe it was
  8. Hello Leopold, So sorry about all your troubles. I don't know anything about the antibiotics, but as far as your diet, am I right when you say you only tried that for 3 weeks? It could take much longer than that for your body to get on track, say, more like 9 weeks. That's just a guess though, based on my personal experience and knowing that food relates to hormones. The diet idea is a good idea--I'm totally with you on the whole acne-free indigenous people! I would suggest exploring it furthe
  9. Hi hon, So sorry to hear about your problems!! Try this site: http://www.natural-breast-forum.netoutlook.co.uk/ They have a TON of info about hormones and herbal therapy, etc. I think you'll find what you're looking for. -- Jess
  10. Hi. I've been reading your blog and looking at your pictures. I can realy identify with the face picking. Really identify.... I want to know how your progress is going in this area specifically. If you don't mind sharing.

  11. Hey girlie! My secret is Dan's regimen. :) Still got a long way to go...will be posting more pics soon.

  12. what is your miracle?!?! you look great!!

  13. Nope....not me. I'm an acne sufferer but definitely a people person, partier, social idiot. Not always though. I do have to have my alone time to recharge. Acne does keep me from leaving the house without makeup, and save for one or two times when I hit a low emotionally, as long as I have a thick covering of makeup I will go out. It makes me feel so much better, and other people don't really care anyway. Having a good time and strengthening social connections helps make everything better, and h
  14. Interesting question! I'd defininely rather have facial acne. For one, I'm a girl living in the hot and humid south and my favorite thing to wear in the whole world is a spaghetti string tank top. I love my arms being free and comfortable. It's what I sleep in, even in the winter. So having my back look nice is important. I've had really horrible bacne before, but it's gone now, save for the random spot and some brown spot that will fade eventually (I rarely mess with my bacne so I'm not worrie
  15. My bf saw me without makeup yesterday. In the daytime. Aaaaahhhhhhh!!! It actually turned out ok. For all of you that this has happened to, or are afraid of it happening: if I can survive it, you can too! It actually wasn't that bad but it didn't stop my heart from dropping to my toes. You can read a little more about it on my blog. Peace out. -- Jess