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  1. How much do you use? If you overuse it's really easy to get red fast, but if you go lighter the redness should subside. I've been using a pretty minimal amount (just enough to spread over my problem areas) and it's not changed it's effectiveness.
  2. The oilyness is definitely not helped by the fact that you went on Differin in the two hottest months of the year, but you should stick with it for at least 2-4 months before you should expect any tangible results. That's just the nature of regimens, they take a while to work.
  3. Okay, so at the moment, I'm 21 weeks in, but I'll start from the beginning as best I can and hopefully give a good picture of my progression and the way I've shifted my regimen around. So square one. It's March, 2008, and I go to dermatologist. I've always had mild acne - large white heads on left cheek, small whiteheads on chin and forehead, and almost never anything on my right cheek - and I was getting really sick of BP, because I've been using it for so long I was just piling the stuff on
  4. Hey, whatsup? How's your summer been going lately?

  5. Well it's been 18 days now, so hopefully you haven't returned because it's working, but the nose is one of those areas that's nothing like the others. I've never really had any topical that actually worked as well on the nose as other parts of my face, simply because the skin is so much thinner and prone to irritation.
  6. Hey there!!! lol it's been a while huh? My "non-existent" regimen is working out fine. I can't say this with 100% confidence, but I think I may be growing out of acne...I really hope that's the case :D! How's everything for u? How's the skin? Go on any vacations? What's happening with school?

  7. Hey how've you been? Is the non-existent regimen working for ya?

  8. No redness or burning, no inflammation, nothing bad really. Just took alot of money out of my wallet. It cleared me up moderately well, still had on and off acne, but it's by no means a permanent cure. Nothing is anyways. Blah.
  9. Okay, so I agree with just about everything in your post. Right now I'm at about 6-7 weeks (I think?) and well yah, I'm very oily. Cetaphil, atleast the basic one, is the wrong moisturizer to use, especially for summer. CeRave is currently working well, I'm not matte, but it doesn't feel like a bead of oil could slide down my face at any moment either. There are some things you could do. First, apply sunscreen (with all the usual labels suggested for acne-sufferers). Also, if you're on a
  10. Wow... u've been MIA for a while lol. Having fun in the sun ye!

  11. So did u get to see ur school? Why should u be worried? I'm happy for u that the differin is helping :) and yes breaks from this site are much needed from time to time lol.

  12. That's great to hear! B.C was nice, I'm a scenery kinda girl so anything pretty lightens my mood. Do anything interesting this summer yet?

  13. Just got back from a UVM thing, and unfortunately still worrying lol. It was nice to have a break from the org though. I'm really starting to like Diff. I'm not perfectly clear, but it's gotten a bit better.

  14. lol it's fine, it's always good to have a break from this site, it gets way too depressing! I've been great! Just kinda enjoying summer, although it's finally starting to warm up here. How's BC?

  15. Hey there! lol I guess things are going REALLY well for you eh? (there's some canadian-ness for you) Usually when I don't visit the site for a while it's because I have no worries :) Things are going okay for me, but as you can see, i'm still visiting acne.org lol so it could be better. What have you been up to?